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Carbon Fibre Glasses- What our Experts Want You to Know

Carbon Fiber Glasses

We’ve already learned everything there is to know about acetateplastic, wood, and titanium frames. That leaves us with the new technology material that many popular brands are starting to use- Carbon fibre. In this article, we explore everything there is to know about shopping for carbon fibre glasses online.

What is carbon fibre?

Also known as black goldcarbon fibre is a modern high strength fibre, which is aesthetically pleasing, exceptionally light, anti-allergenic, and highly durable. This material is slowly and steadily gaining popularity as more and more brands are beginning to harness its super strength to create high-quality glasses and sunglasses.

How did carbon fibre come to be?

It all started in 1879 when Thomas Edison filed a patent for carbon filaments to be used in electric lamps. Then, in the early 1960s, military aircrafts were in need of better and lightweight materials. This paved the way for the start of commercial production. Initially, carbon fibre was used in aeronautics, energy-related equipment, sports materials, building & industrial structures, automobiles, and even some musical instruments. Its properties of rigidity, high strength, low weight, and high chemical resistance is what makes carbon fibre a popular material for eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Properties of carbon fibre glasses:

  • Carbon fibre glasses are the lightest of all other materials available in the market. It’s about half the weight of titanium eyewear and has superior resistance to impact.
  • By choosing carbon fibre eyewear, you are choosing toughness, flexibility, and no risk of deformation. Carbon fibre is composed of carbon, which is also the core element of diamonds. Its strength is 10 times that of iron, its weight is less than a quarter of steel’s, and its tensile strength, ie., the maximum stress that can be applied to it before it breaks, is 7-9 times that of steel.
  • Carbon fibre frames are more corrosion resistant than titanium and other metal frames. They’re also resistant to high temperatures, radiation and have good elasticity. This makes it a great choice for those who lead a very active lifestyle or are tough on their eyewear. 

Benefits of carbon fibre glasses:

  • Since they’re so lightweight, carbon fibre glasses are the most comfortable choice of eyewear for daily wearers who look for the latest in technology and the highest quality.
  • Their strength, durability, and high resistance to external aggressors ensure long life.
  • A non-allergenic material worth considering if you want the look of metal eyeglasses without the allergy trigger.

Points to consider when buying carbon fibre glasses:

  • Being such a resilient material,  carbon fibre is difficult to process. Hence, there’s a limited number of manufacturers who can process and produce high quality and complexly designed carbon fibre eyewear.
  • Tied in with the advantage of being so lightweight, certain carbon fibre eyeglasses may be irreparable as the frame is too thin. Consider how other frames can be adjusted before you decide to select carbon fibre frames.
  • Carbon fibre is an expensive material, so glasses featuring it as the primary frame material will cost on the higher side. However, it’s worth considering that a pair of hard-wearing glasses can save you from spending more money on replacements in the long run. So, if your prescription has been steady for the past few years, you might want to consider carbon fibre frames for not worrying about changing up your glasses every few years.

Where to Buy Carbon Fibre Glasses

If you’re looking for the best carbon fibre glasses online,explore the exclusive collection available at SmartBuyGlasses. Including great-value, high-quality brands like SmartBuy Collection, this range of glasses is a must for anyone looking to get their hands on some forward-thinking glasses.

Carbon Fibre Glasses We Recommend

Oakley OX8149 Pitchman R Carbon 8149

Oakley OX8149 Pitchman R Carbon 8149

The Oakley Pitchman Carbon glasses are high-performance carbon fibre glasses, as are all products from the brand. These full-rimmed glasses have a clear frame and are ultra-lightweight. The hinges on these glasses have no screws; instead, the hinges move smoothly as the hinge is riveted to the temples and the hinge itself. In addition, the Unobtainium earsocks function as grips (which were originally meant to function as bike grips) which get better with wet conditions, making it the right pick for active individuals. 


Ray-Ban Tech RX8415 Carbon Fibre 2503

Ray-Ban Tech RX8415 Carbon Fibre 2503

As Ray-Ban always has done, the innovation takes a step up with their Tech line of glass and sunglasses featuring carbon fibre and titanium. In this case, 7 layers of Carbon fibre are mixed with resin and water cut to create the different parts of the frame. This is the reason for the lightness of these glasses, whilst being tough and flexible.


Porsche Design P8327 A

Porsche Design P8327 A

Porsche Design is an aspirational lifestyle brand, reminiscent of the brand’s flawless automotive design featuring the same daring nature and sleek finish. These carbon fibre glasses are no different. This is the perfect choice for understated and high street style with incredible lightness.


SmartBuy Collection Coast CP144A

 SmartBuy Collection Coast Carbon Fibre Glasses

These SmartBuyCollection glasses are made of carbon fibre. With their rectangular shape, low weight, and high strength, these glasses are best suited for those with oval/round faces and an active lifestyle. The best part- they’re just £25 and available in a variety of colours!


At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll also find carbon fibre sunglasses from brands such as HawkersOakleyPolar, and Ray-Ban Tech. Since carbon fibre frames are so lightweight, tough, and impact-resistant, they are perfect if you are into outdoor sports and activities. If you have a prescription, you can filter through on our website and get prescription sunglasses.

If you have a wide face, a low nose bridge, and regular sunglasses don’t fit well, check out Asian Fit sunglasses. These frames are designed to sit on the bridge of your nose, fit securely and not slide around. Learn more about Asian Fit here.

If you’re unsure of which glasses would suit you, read more on choosing the right glasses,  buying glasses online, and refer to our size guide.

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