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Gucci Sunglasses

Looking for the latest Gucci sunglasses recommendations and want all of your Gucci-related questions answered? Look no further! You’ll be able to discover where to shop the most in-demand Gucci sunglasses, and how to ensure you’re shopping right.



How to tell if gucci sunglasses are real

Gucci began back in 1921 selling leather goods, and since their birth, they have been renowned as one of the most luxurious designer brands to name. The brand has become so popular, that unless you purchase from Gucci themselves or a reputable store, you may struggle to know if you have purchased a counterfeit Gucci product or not. 

Thankfully, some tale-tell signs can be pretty clear when mistakenly purchasing a counterfeit pair of sunglasses. Some signs are more obvious than others. Those who have accidentally purchased counterfeit goods may not have an inkling that what they have purchased is fake due to the quality being ok, which is why it’s so important to shop with a reputable brand and to do some research beforehand, as there are a lot of ‘high quality’ fake designer products lurking around, that you may not pick up on. 

The biggest signs to look out for once purchasing a pair of a designer or Gucci sunglasses are: 

1- The wording and spelling of the brand name. Incorrect wording and spelling mistakes are the biggest indicators to knowing whether you have purchased a counterfeit pair of Gucci sunglasses. You may notice wording like ‘’Inspired by Gucci’’ or incorrect spellings. This is the first thing you should take a glance at when you receive your Gucci sunglasses, as well as looking at the case.

2- Look at the side of the sunglasses. All sunglasses made by Gucci are made in Italy or Japan, and this will be stated on the insides of the Gucci sunglasses. You can also test the paint of this writing by lightly brushing over with your fingernail to see if it comes off, and if the paint does easily scratch off, then it’s likely that the Gucci sunglasses are counterfeit. 

3- The model number. All sunglasses and frames come with an individual model number. You should see the initials GG (stands for Guccio Gucci), on your Gucci sunglasses, followed by a code. This code should be followed by the initial ‘S’, for example, ‘Gucci-GG0582S-001-490060’. 

Once you have your model number, you should then be able to google this code. The code you have should correspond to the exact pair you have. (they may come in different colours.) However, if another Gucci product comes up on numerous pages, then it’s possible that a random Gucci code has been used on your sunglasses to make a counterfeit pair. 

4- Hinges and weight. Hinges are also one of the biggest indicators. They shouldn’t have obvious or big screws, and the hinges shouldn’t be made with plastic. When you open the Gucci sunglasses frames, they should open easily without getting stuck. Most counterfeit sunglasses are made with cheap plastic materials, which feel very light. Gucci sunglasses shouldn’t be heavy but should have a medium/light weighted feel to them. 

5- Certificate of authenticity. All Gucci sunglasses should come with an authenticity certification that can be found inside the glasses case, box or packaging. 

Overall, it’s important to have a good inspection of the whole product itself, including the packaging and sunglasses case. Normally when you have purchased counterfeit sunglasses, a few things may stand out, especially if you have purchased a pair of designer sunglasses before. If you can’t purchase directly from the Gucci website, then you can shop in-store or online from a reliable retailer. You should be able to find all the important information you need to know about the company, such as their contact information, where they may be located or operating, and what products and services they offer. You’ll be able to find all of this information at SmartBuyGlasses.



Where to buy Gucci Sunglasses

There are many places where you can shop for Gucci sunglasses for men and women, but who are the most reliable, and who is the best? You’ll be able to shop for Gucci sunglasses online or in-store. However, in today’s day and age, it is much easier to shop online, and you’ll have endless options to choose from. People for reassurance sometimes prefer to shop in-store, however, you are limited to product, the wait is much usually longer, especially if you’re adding personal prescriptions, the prices tend to be higher, and because workers are normally commission-based, you may feel the added pressure of purchasing unnecessary add ons, where online, these factors wouldn’t be an issue. 

The internet is a big place, and the way we shop is changing! Although there may be some risky websites out there, there are also a lot of positives and reliable, well-established companies online. All the information you may want to know about a company such as their email, telephone number, customer services contact, and operating locations will all be online to reassure you of any worries. At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll be able to find additional information such as who the company is, what they do, how they give back to the community, and an authenticity page dedicated to why you should buy with SmartBuyGlasses, and how they will support and assist you when shopping online, as well as where they operate and all the information you need to know.

You’ll have plenty of options to take into consideration, such as their free 100 day returns policybest price guaranteed, and why they offer the largest range of collections in the world. 

When you’re shopping online with SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll also be able to try on your designer Gucci Sunglasses for women and men from the comfort of your own home, with the advanced virtual try-on-tool, with no queues, no fuss, or pressure. 

Looking for the latest Gucci collections to try on virtually?  Shop the most in-demand and in-season oversized Gucci frames, the ravishing Gucci round sunglasses, as well as the state-of-the-art, timeless Gucci picturesque pilots for the most in date fashion trend statement pieces!



Do all Gucci sunglasses have UV protection?

All ‘sunglasses’ in Europe are required to have UV protection, this doesn’t include ‘fashion’ sunnies that are sometimes confused with actual sunglasses. However, if you’re shopping outside of Europe, it’s important to always check when you’re purchasing a pair to make sure they are UV protected. 

Overall, all Gucci sunglasses are UV protected, so there is no need to fear! It’s good to know this information, but equally important to check the UV protection of any designer frames that you purchase online.  

With all of the information you need about Gucci sunglasses, and the virtual online try-on-tool ready at your fingertips,  you can now shop the latest Gucci sunglasses women’s collections, and the most in-season Gucci sunglasses men’s collections at SmartBuyGlasses. Happy shopping!