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Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses

One of the most admired designer eyewear brands reigning supreme amongst so many others is Ray-Ban glasses. They are respected for their sustained ability to produce high-quality and statement-making glasses, as well as sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. The company began its journey into the world in 1936 in Rochester New York and is now owned by one of the world leaders in producing premium eyewear, Luxottica. Now headquartered in Milan, Italy, otherwise known as the fashion capital of the world, Ray-Ban glasses are recognised most significantly for their Aviator and Wayfarer lines of glasses. 


Ray-Ban glasses have one of the most fascinating origin stories of any business inside or outside of the designer eyeglasses world. In 1929, a US Army Air Corps Colonel named John A. Macready worked with Bausch & Lomb, a medical equipment manufacturer, to create a pair of sunglasses fit for aviation. Crucially he needed them to reduce the blue hues of the sky and glare encountered on flights, as well as not to fog up, to reduce the distraction to the pilots. In 1936, the Aviator, the first of Ray-Ban’s masterpieces, was born, using green-tinted lenses and plastic frames.

Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Not all Ray-Ban glasses come with glass lenses. At SmartBuyGlasses we have a fantastic range of lenses made from either CR39 or high-index plastic for you to choose from when purchasing your new specs. You can choose from 8 different options, all with key features so there is something to match everyone's needs. We have quality in-house brand lenses as well as the Arise HD collection


Are plastic lenses really good enough though? In fact, in many people’s eyes, they are superior thanks to several benefits. Firstly, plastic lenses are far lighter and therefore sit more comfortably on your face. Heavier glasses have a tendency to slip down and fall off your face, risking damage to your precious eyewear. They are also much more durable in the sense that they crack and break with way less frequency. This is a great consideration for adults and ideal for kid's Ray-Ban glasses.


Being less reflective than glass by nature, plastic lenses are also a great combatant against the glare that many glass lens wearers suffer from. Furthermore, they permit a significant amount more customisability as they are compatible with a wider range of frames and are easier to tint and incorporate special features into, such as photochromic lenses. One of the main reasons that people may opt for glass lenses is because plastic is more easily scratched than glass. Nowadays though, this worry can be put to rest thanks to the offering of specific, scratch-resistant lens coatings which you will find amongst our lens choices during the ordering process.

Our prescription Ray-Ban glasses online are available in a broad spectrum of prices so that regardless of if you have unlimited spending freedom or not, you can find the right pair for you. As is the case with many of our other quality designer glasses such as Tom Ford and Oakley, our diversity of products grants even the pickiest of shoppers to get what they are looking for. 


One of the greatest things an online retailer can provide its prospective customers with is peace of mind. It is invaluable. Striving to present that, our returns policy grants a generous window of 100 days to send your product back should you be unhappy with it. And if you are happy with the product, you can still enjoy a 24-month warranty. The only thing left to assure you of is that you are getting the best price, right? If you find a better price online than ours, we will match it with our best price guarantee, a fantastic way to ensure you are getting a fair deal.


Make sure to take advantage of our clearance and flash sale items to snatch up the best deals on Ray-Ban glasses and come across the lowest prices of these designer brands you will find anywhere on our website. 

If you have a smartphone or PC to hand, then you can try our glasses on wherever you are in the world! Wherever you are sitting, standing, or lying down right now, you can use our virtual try-on tool to see the Ray-Ban glasses you are interested in on your face. It is super easy to do following the steps our website will take you through.


Before even narrowing down your selection of Ray-Ban glasses, have a read through our face shape guide to get a better understanding of what frame shapes suit your face shape and compliment your overall look best. Also, have a look at our eyewear trends guide to achieve the latest in fashion look with guidance from the experts. 


Not feeling how you look in Ray-Ban glasses? Worry not! You can use our virtual try-on with any pair of glasses you find on our website, so take your new essential shopping tool for a spin and experiment with new styles and brands. 

It has never been more straightforward to get your prescription Ray-Ban glasses online. Simply choose your new specs, enter your prescription details during the checkout process, along with selecting your preferred lenses and it is as simple as that! Perhaps you are missing your pupillary distance information? We have a tool for that too! Get your pupillary distance using our online tool fastly and effectively. All you need is a camera and a standard sized credit card with a magnetic strip and you can get going. 

If you have lost your prescription information altogether, you would assume all hope is lost of conveniently ordering your new Ray-Ban glasses online without a trip to the optician. Well, you would be wrong to assume that! With the same two objects needed for our pupillary distance tool, plus a computer and a pair of your current prescription glasses, you will discover your details in less than 5 minutes. See more information and download our free Prescription Lens Scanner app here.

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