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Prada Sunglasses

Founded in the city of fashion, Milan in 1913, by Mario Prada. They first specialised in leather handbags, shoes, and fashion accessories that were and are today, wildly famous for their high-quality fashion pieces that reflect the luxurious designer feels. With time, Prada has flourished in the fashion industry and they are famously known for their elegant premium quality clothing and trend-setting accessories such as the Prada statement sunglasses.

To date, Prada is one of the famous and most prestigious designer brands in the world. If you’re looking for a pair of Prada sunglasses that sing class, affluence, and luxury, then the reputable collection of Prada sunglasses for men and women at SmartBuyGlasses is the place to start your search! Ranging from affordable pairs, to something to treat yourself, we have it all.


How much do Prada sunglasses cost?

At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll be able to find over 500+ Prada sunglasses with new collections coming in every season. All of these sunglasses online range from £97-£407, so you’ll have the choice of shopping and filtering the exact styles you like, as well as having a range of prices to search from, with no restrictions. At SmartBuyGlasses, everyone is offered the best price guaranteed on all eyewear in comparison to other retailers. You can even get the best of both worlds by opting for prescription sunglasses.

If you’re planning to purchase your Prada sunglasses online, you may have lower chances of finding the exact pair that you love due to limited stock. With this, you may also find increased prices on designer sunglasses compared to online. You’ll also be more likely to purchase unnecessary add ons due to the pressure of being in-store, as well as waiting in queues and having limited information at hand. 

The world is changing, and so is the way we consume and shop. With more research and experience, there are many benefits to shopping online, especially with an experienced and reputable e-commerce store. At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll be able to find all the information you need at your fingertips, with the best price guaranteed100 day returns policy, and even a virtual try-on-tool, all from the comfort of your own home.



How to tell if Prada sunglasses are real

With Prada being one of the worlds leading designer eyewear brands, it’s inevitable that counterfeit Prada sunglasses will be found online. We will now share some tips and tricks as to how you can avoid purchasing counterfeit Prada sunglasses, and what some of the most common red flags may be. 

1- The wording and spelling of the brand name. As the company name is short and sweet, any errors may be instantly recognised. However, make sure to have a thorough look and to check the Prada logo on any location of the sunglasses, to ensure there are no incorrect spellings. Incorrect spellings are one of the biggest signs of counterfeit sunglasses.

2- Inside right arm. Inside the right arm, (temples) of the Prada sunglasses should include the Prada logo, and the location of where they were made (Italy.) This should be followed by a ‘CE’ logo, which stands for "Conformité Européenne," also known as "European Conformity.” The CE logo not being present on the Prada sunglasses is also a big indicator that the sunglasses may be a counterfeit pair. 

3- Inside left arm. Inside the left arm, (temples) of the Prada sunglasses should have the model number. This number should be followed by the initials ‘PR’ which stand for Prada, then followed by 2-3 numbers or letters. The left-arm should also have the measurements of the arms and length of the nose bridge, as well as the colour code. This will be measured in ‘mm’. You can measure these yourself and check if they are accurate to what the frames say, as most counterfeit sunglasses provide ‘random’ measurement numbers. 

4- Left lens. Very faintly, you’ll be able to see the Prada logo etched into the top right lens. This is faint and dainty, so take a close look from the inside. 

5- Right lens. With close attention, you should be able to find the product serial number etched into the top corner of the right lens. Most counterfeit sunglasses will not have this. 

6- Nose pads. Having a thorough glance and a good look at the fine details of your Prada sunglasses is always a good idea. The nose pads on the Prada sunnies will have the Prada logo inside of the nose pads. 

There are a couple of other factors to look into once you have purchased your Prada Sunglasses such as the packaging, and the glasses case that it comes with. If you have counterfeit Prada sunglasses, some signs also may be quite clear when it comes to the packaging and details of the case, such as again, incorrect spelling and no product booklet or details inside. Have a thorough check of everything, and make sure you feel comfortable with the company you have purchased from. It’s always best to shop with reputable brands, where you’ll be able to find information about the company online such as their email, telephone number, customer services contact, store, and operating locations.

At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll be able to find additional information such as who the company is,  what they do, how they give back to the community, and an authenticity page that includes all the necessary information that you need to know about the company!


Where to buy Prada sunglasses

There are many places to browse for Prada sunglasses for men and women, but who are the most reliable, and who is the best? You’ll be able to shop for Prada sunglasses online or in-store. However, in today’s day and age, it is much easier to shop online, and you’ll have endless options to choose from. People for reassurance sometimes prefer to shop in-store, however, you are limited to product, the wait is much usually longer, especially if you’re adding personal prescriptions. The prices of shopping in-store tend to be higher, and you may feel the added pressure of purchasing unnecessary add ons to your lenses, whereas online, these factors wouldn’t be an issue.

At SmartBuyGlasses, you can shop for the most in-demand Prada sunglasses and Prada glasses, such as the premium Prada cat-eye sunglasses, the statement oversized sunnies, and the bold, stunning Prada pilot sunglasses inspired by the Ray-Ban Aviator. Find classic colours such as black and brown, to loud, brash bright reds and pinks. With this, you’ll be able to try as many frames online with the advanced Virtual Try-On tool, with no queues, no fuss, and no pressure. When you do find your dream Prada pair, you’ll be offered FREE shipping, and you’ll be able to add your personal prescription at the checkout. What Prada pair will you choose? Happy shopping!

If you love Prada's style and are in need of new glasses, check out the Prada Linea Rossa range for an undeniably Prada look that keeps it low-key for every day! Coupons on

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