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Ray-Ban Sunglasses


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Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Cherished as one of the world’s most loved eyewear brands, Ray-Ban has a long history of producing high-quality, high-class sunglasses frames. Owned by popular industry giants Luxottica, Ray-Ban continues to innovate, offering popular and affordable Ray-Ban sunglasses styles for men and women, including Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses. Their hero designs include the classic Ray-Ban WayfarerRay-Ban Aviator, and Ray-Ban Clubmaster - to name just a few! It’s no surprise that these styles are Ray-Ban UK cult classics, due to their perfect balance of quality and style. 

So, where did their story begin? Ray-Ban was founded in 1936 in New York. In 1929, a USAAC Colonel needed protective eyewear for his pilots, so he partnered up with medical equipment suppliers Bausch & Lomb to create custom-designed aviation sunglasses. Once designed to protect eyes from the blinding light levels at high altitudes, aviator sunglasses transitioned from function to fashion, to become one of the most popular sunglasses styles in the world! 

During the ‘50s, many Hollywood stars began wearing iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses, with Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Ray-Ban Clubmaster spiking in popularity and becoming instantly recognisable. Over time, the hugely influential eyewear brand has specialised in its own form of art: the mass-production of fashionable sunglasses whilst ensuring high-quality frames and 100% UV protection. New models and frame styles have been introduced into their expanding collection, including round-frame Ray-Ban sunglasses and Ray-Ban square sunglasses, with a fantastic selection of lens tints and metal frame colours available. SmartBuyGlasses are proud stockists of Ray-Ban UK products, including both Ray-Ban sunglasses and Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses.



How to tell if Ray-Bans are real

So you’re shopping for a new pair of Ray-Bans in the UK, and wondering how to tell the real ones apart from the fakes. With prices like ours, it may cross your mind that they’re not legitimate, but rest assured that all of our products are original, affordable, and guaranteed. We offer an authenticity guarantee, and all products come with a 2-year warranty as standard, with the option to return or exchange within 100-days - so you can make your sunglasses purchase pressure-free. Here’s what you should look out for when buying Ray-Ban UK sunglasses online:

Frame Material: Ray-Bans are crafted from high-quality materials, so if the hinges seem stiff, the screws appear loose and the build is flimsy, the chances are the glasses are fake. 

- Lettering on the glasses: The inside left temple arm should have the letters “RB” followed by the model number, with the size code. It will be impeccably printed, centred, and aligned with the arm. On the inside right temple arm, you’ll find the details of the Ray-Ban sunglasses model along with “Made in Italy” and a stylised CE European certification. 

Logo on the lenses: Ray-Ban UK places one prominent logo on the upper right lens, and one subtle “RB” etching on the left. To spot a fake, the logo may look out of place or blurry and can be easily scratched off.

Authentic Ray-Ban Case: Genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses come in a faux brown or black leather case. The logo will be printed on the flap of the case in gold or black and the stitching will be intact. Inside the case will be a separate plastic packet containing the microfibre cleaning cloth with the Ray-Ban logo. 

You may be wondering why it matters, if they look like real Ray-Bans, what’s the problem? The main issue is the lack of 100% UV protection these knock-offs provide for your eyes. With more exposure to sunlight, the more you run the risk of damaging your eyes, potentially causing detrimental damage to your eye health. 



How to measure Ray-Ban sunglasses

All you need to measure a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is any standard credit or debit card! That’s because the size of a credit card is approximately the same as the width of a standard lens. This makes it really easy to discover the best Ray-Ban size that will fit you perfectly! Follow the easy steps below:

Step 1: Face a mirror or webcam and place one edge of the credit card at the centre of your nose.

Step 2: Look at where the other edge of the card ends:

  • If the edge is at the end of the eye, you should choose a Standard Size pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses
  • If the card extends beyond the end of the eye, a large pair of Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses will fit you best
  • If the card doesn’t quite reach the end of your eye, you’re best suited to the smaller size Ray-Ban’s

Remember that sunglasses that fit well should distribute the pressure evenly onto your nose, head, and ears. If not, you’ll start to experience an ache behind your ears that could creep into a headache if you wear your ill-fitted sunglasses for too long. For the majority of people a standard size Ray-Ban sunglasses frame fits correctly, but as a general rule:

  • Small faces: An ideal frame width would be less than 129mm
  • Medium faces: Frame widths between 130mm to 139mm are perfect for you!
  • Wider faces: Can wear frame widths over 139mm 



Can I put prescription lenses in my Ray-Ban’s?

Of course! Our entire collection of Ray-Ban UK sunglasses can be transformed into Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses or glasses. Once you’ve chosen your favourite frames, simply click “buy now” to add the Ray-Ban sunglasses to your basket. At the next stage, you’ll be asked which prescription lens type you need: either distanceprogressive, or reading. Once you’ve selected the lens type based on your vision correction needs, you can choose to upload your prescription details, enter them manually or send them later on (once you’ve placed your order). 

If you have an up-to-date prescription but simply can’t find the details, we’ve made shopping for Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses as easy as ever, by creating an application to allow you to retract your prescription information from your current glasses frames. Simply download our Prescription Lens Scanner app and follow the simple steps to get your prescription information. Then, update at the checkout! For any queries regarding prescription lenses, or if you simply need some assistance with your purchase, chat to our online optician and browse through the articles in our Optical Centre Coupons on