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    Glasses Online


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    Glasses Online

    Glasses for children can be difficult to find as there is a lot to think about. We know that when it comes to your children's eye health, quality is your top priority. So if you have kids that need glasses you have found the right place! SmartBuyGlasses USA offers the best collection of kids glasses online with a variety of brands, shapes, colors and materials.

    Best Kids' Glasses Online


    When we search for the right kids glasses frames, we must take into account various factors such as age and level of protection needed. There are many factors to consider when looking for kids glasses.




    Teenagers do not want to be called children, even if they sometimes need slightly smaller glasses for their face. Fortunately, we have teenage glasses available in smaller sizes from designer brands such as Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Gucci and many more. If they are interested in getting their eyewear fashion on point, refer them to our blog. It’s full of fun articles about getting the designer glasses look just right. They can even check our face shape guide to make sure they get the right frame shape to complement their personal facial features. For example, they will want to get a frame that contrasts with the natural shape of their face. For instance, young people with rounder faces should opt for cat eyes or rectangular frames to balance out their look. And the same goes the other way, so those with a more angular square shaped face would be advised to go with a round frame shape to soften their features. For this they might enjoy retro round shapes or even oversized frames, both of which are bang on trend right now. 


    If your child is dreading the thought of wearing glasses, the best option is a clear frame. Transparent glasses frames are perfectly fashionable, go with every face shape, complexion and wardrobe, so they’re a great all-rounder. Another option would be rimless frames, as these are almost invisible from a distance!

    Small children


    Toddlers are, of course, carefree. All they want to do is explore so finding the most durable glasses is a must. There are also some children's glasses to choose from with elastic bands, the elastic band keeps the glasses in place no matter what your child is up to. Another feature recommended for younger children is adjustable nose pads. This allows you to change the size and fit of the frame according to the size of their nose bridge. This should prevent the frames from sliding off unexpectedly, or even flying off when they get particularly active. It will also ensure total comfort, so it’s a thumbs up all round!

    Blue light kids glasses


    Tablets, computers and mobile phones have become an obvious part of children's lives from an early age. But how unhealthy for children is the blue light from the screens? Overexposure to blue light can lead to digital eye strain. Symptoms include headaches, dry or tired eyes and trouble falling asleep at night. If you notice any of these in your son or daughter, blue light glasses could be a good value solution. At SmartBuyGlasses you can find glasses for blue light protection with or without prescription so your child is always protected against blue light at. The way it works is a blue light filter added to any frame you like. The filter is called zFORT, and the technology coats the lens to shield the eye from blue light wavelengths. 


    Designer Kids Glasses


    One of the best things about kids designer glasses is that you can buy them from the world’s top designers. The Ray-Ban junior collection is probably the best example, as all the iconic adult frames are available in kids sizes too. This means that while Daddy sports a classic pair of Wayfarers, Junior can too! 


    Cheap kids glasses

    The SmartBuy Kids collection has cheap but high-quality children's glasses. You can choose between different shapes, colors, sizes and materials. Your kids can even try them out virtually! The glasses are made from the best materials, so they will stand the wear and tear of life as a child. They will also sit comfortably on their little noses all day every day, and you can even buy a spare pair for half price! Alternatively, you can also have a look at our flash sale or clearance page for cheap kids glasses online from designer labels. 


    Kids Prescription Glasses Online


    It is now easier than ever to buy online, but with SmartBuyGlasses, it is super easy to buy prescription glasses online, even for kids. Head over to the Optical Center for helpful articles on what to look out for when purchasing your children’s eyeglasses. The essential steps you need to take are first, going to the opticians. An eye test cannot yet be undertaken online, but don’t worry, it won’t take long. Once you have their prescription in hand, head online to SmartBuyGlasses. 


    There are hundreds of kids glasses online, catering to a range of budgets. What can really help in the decision making process is the virtual try on tool. This acts as an online mirror, and kids can have hours of fun trying all their favorite frames on. They can choose their favorite colors, and then just add to basket. 


    At the checkout, simply insert the prescription details or email them to us later. You can then move on to choosing the lens type. Our top recommended lens is the Arise HD Clarity, which offers great value for money, with top quality lens materials. If you are worried about protecting your children’s eyes from the sun, you may choose to consider Transition lenses. This brand is innovating the latest technology to transform eyeglasses into sunglasses the second you step outside. They are also rather record-breaking in their speed going back to clear when stepping from the outdoors to the in. You can choose all these options following the simple steps at the checkout. The personalized lenses will be added to the frames by our in-house experts, and arrive at the door ready to wear. If you have a question at any step of the buy prescription glasses online process, you are more than welcome to contact our online opticians. You can do this via the ask the optician feature in the Optical Center, or contact our customer service team for expert optical advice at any time of the day or night. We want to make your online shopping experience as simple as possible.


    Once you commit to purchase, there are several ways of paying. There is the usual debit or credit card route, the increasingly popular and safe and secure payment method of PayPal. However, if you aren’t keen on spending so much all in one go, choose to pay with AfterPay. This allows you to enjoy the product straight away, and pay in four instalments across an eight week period. It is worth noting that even if you choose this option, you can still return if you need to. We offer a generous returns policy, allowing up to 100 days to apply for a refund or exchange. You also get a 2 year warranty, so you can be sure of quality glasses that last. 

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