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    Rimless Glasses



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    Rimless Glasses

    Rimless glasses provide a timeless, minimalist design that doesn't overpower your face with intricate designs or bold features and frame designs. Each type of glasses design has its place and matches with different people, so even if you don't want the colourful, large, or striking frames, you can go for the professional, serious look of rimless prescription glasses.


    Are rimless glasses cool?

    Rimless prescription glasses are stylish and sleek and have continued to gain popularity across the world. This style of eyewear gives a clean look, but also offers a liberating lightweight design, which leads to greater comfort. Especially for those that wear their glasses for the whole day. They tend to employ the use of the lightest modern materials such as titanium, to align the whole design. 


    Nothing says cool like confidence. Rimless glasses are thought to make people appear more confident due to the fact that they draw attention to your eyes rather than the glasses frames themselves. For this same reason, some people consider rimless glasses to make people appear more trustworthy. 


    How to clean rimless glasses?

    Naturally, people want to make sure that they keep their rimless glasses clean and avoid them getting dirty. After all, part of the appeal of getting rimless prescription glasses is to have a clean look that isn't interrupted by smudges and marks on the lenses


    The easiest thing to keep the lenses free of dirt is to use a microfiber cloth that doesn't risk scratching. You should also never rest your glasses down lenses first and if possible, keep them in a trusty case when not using them. If there is grit on the lens that will damage the surface and leave you with scratched glasses, then you need to wash under cool water before wiping. 


    Who looks good in rimless glasses?

    Thanks to the minimalistic element of rimless glasses, they are one of the most versatile glasses styles out there. Rather than clashing with your features or outfits, they tend to blend in and morph to match any style or outfit. You can see all of our rimless glasses range on your face with the brilliant virtual try-on tool. Coupons on