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Wayfarer Ray-Ban Sunglasses

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Wayfarer Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Long before the Wayfarer, Ray-Ban began their journey in Rochester New York in 1937, due to the necessity to provide well-crafted sunglasses for pilots to protect their eyes from the glare and bright light during flights. They came up with the Aviator, still one of the most recognisable sunglasses styles ever. In the time that has elapsed since then, Ray-Ban has evolved into the eyewear of choice for so many across the world, even those with no inclination to use them for aviation, as a form of expression and individuality.  


Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses became available to the public in 1956 and skyrocketed to popularity throughout the second half of the 50s and deep into the 60s. But they weren't done there. Excellent product placements saw a huge boost for the iconic model in the 80s and also early 2000s. Their sustained popularity throughout the years is most definitely not a coincidence and can only be equated to the ingenuity and adeptness of their designing and manufacturing process. Who could argue with some of the stars known to rep the classic shades such as Leonardo Dicaprio, and Tom Cruise? Plus who could disagree with the style choices of the great Blues Brothers, right? These clever connections transformed Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses to radiate cool and rebellious vibes.  


The design came from Raymone Stegeman, an employee of the previous owners of Ray-Ban, Bausch & Lomb. He wanted to break the mould and incorporate acetate into the frame design instead of the traditional metal frames that were around at the time. The robust arms of the frame were thought to give the frames a more bulky and masculine look than that of their previous projects.


What are the best Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses?

The most classic of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are… the classics of course. Not only are they the first version of the model, but they have larger lenses, staying true to their 1950s roots. On top of that, they have different dimensions, being a bit narrower and also having a marginally taller frame height. 


The New Wayfarers are a redo of the classic with some minor adjustments to bring them in line with modern fashion expectations and trends. They are slightly smaller in terms of the height of the frame and also have wider set frames, overall providing a more full appearance. 


Many people have had the shared experience of not having a good spot for your sunglasses in your bag, or not being able to fit them in your pocket without risk of bending and damaging them. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer folding sunglasses are the solution to these common issues! This modern twist to an old-school classic gives them added functionality and the high-quality hinges mean that once you have your sunglasses folded out, they will click securely into place and hold tight until you are ready to tuck them away.


Polarised Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are a brilliant option and are a testament to the ever-evolving technology of the eyewear industry. Ray-ban Wayfarers with polarised lenses offer vastly enhanced clarity and contrast while at the same time aiding in protecting your eyes from not only glare but also damaging UVA and UVB rays from the sun. They have category 3 UV protection and are a must-have for anyone considering Ray-Ban Wayfarers that also spends a significant amount of time outdoors. Undoubtedly one of the most stylish ways you could look after your eyes.


How to wear Ray-Ban Wayfarer?

Considering they have outlasted so many fashion trends and cycles of clothes being picked up and dropped from the latest trends, it may be a little difficult to pinpoint exactly what is the best way to wear Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Perhaps they have lasted this long thanks to their flexibility and capacity to be incorporated into many different styles. 


Even though the Ray-Ban Wayfarer arguably made its debut as a smart-casual style, it is not unheard of nowadays to see them paired with a dapper suit worn by businessmen on their way to their respective places of work. Tortoiseshell Ray-Ban Wayfarers look particularly sharp with a dark, block colour suit. Smart-Casual is where Ray-Ban Wayfarers really shine. Whether it be with a button-down shirt, casual jacket or anything in between, the versatility of this model is on full display. They can also be easily dressed down in any casual wear to pop out to the shops on a sunny day, or grabbing a drink with friends on the weekend, they can do it all. 


One of the other ways that Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have managed to sneak into modern-day style is the number of fun colours and patterns that they are available in. Select from bold staples like red, blue, and yellow, and even experiment with patterns for extra distinctiveness.


Something to take note of is the different sizes that Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses offer. If you have a pair already or have tried on a friend’s pair that is destined to be yours, look at the printed numbers on the inside of the left temple arm to see the measurements. Have a browse through our Asian fit range too for dimensions tailored to those with lower nose bridges and higher cheekbones.


How to tell if my Ray-Ban Wayfarers are real?

Of course, you want to ensure that the Ray-Ban Wayfarers you receive are the true product. The same ones worn by your favourite celebrity and not some imitations that don't allow you to feel like a movie star! We will let you in on a few tips to check everything is in order. 


A small etching reading “RB” should be present on the left lens and “Ray-Ban” should be seen on top of the right lens. True Ray-Ban Wayfarers should also come with a leather case with their logo printed or embossed onto the front. Smaller but just as key is to check the logo is also visible on the popper of the leather case. The last thing you need to verify is that your new shades come with a cleaning cloth, also sporting the logo, packaged in plastic. 

If you cannot get enough of this model of glasses and want to look your best even when the sun is not out, our Ray-Ban wayfarer prescription glasses are for you!

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