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Cheap Prescription Glasses

Anyone in need of cheap glasses online that has been searching for their perfect fit, you are in the right place! Having over ten years of knowledge and expertise gained in the eyewear e-commerce world, we have been able to take everything we have learned along that journey and apply it to your shopping experience. We believe in creating a process that is fun, fast, and simple for you. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated, even if your look is intricate!


The times of only being able to afford one pair of glasses are no more! It is recommended by experts that you keep an extra pair of glasses on hand just in case they were to be lost or broken. The truth though, is that few people follow this advice due to the cost involved with taking on a backup pair. Some people will think that between their everyday glasses and contact lenses, they are maximising their convenience and options, but they are wrong. There are many reasons why one may benefit from getting a second or several pairs of cheap glasses online. 


Firstly, you may want to have two contrasting styles, with different frames. This can transform your look from serious business attire to being ready for a fun night out with friends. It gives you the flexibility to change your glasses based on your style for a particular event, rather than the other way around. Not only does that give you more freedom in your outfit choices but it also gives you the opportunity to keep up with the latest eyewear trends.  


Perhaps you are somebody that is conscious about getting the best protection for your eyes depending on the situation you are in. Cheap glasses online mean you can keep a pair at work or on your workstation in your home. Consider our blue light glasses that harness the power of filtering out blue light to reduce eye strain and improve your quality of sleep. 


You can also make the most of various practical lens coating and lens type options and stay within a reasonable budget with no problem whatsoever. Enjoy the benefits of prescription sunglasses for example, when you don't want to have to compromise on either style or function, you can have both. We have a pair of cheap glasses online for anyone, going into any type of situation. When they are coming at such a great price, why not allow yourself to have exactly what you want, and not select only one?


People with the true spirit of an adventurer that feels the new challenges drawing them in from afar, need to make sure their glasses will give them all the help to go on these adventures with no fear. Having a pair of our sport sunglasses options let you stick to doing what you do best, exploring! No need to stress about damaging your glasses, or even worse, damaging your eyes.

Cheap Prescription Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Since it became possible to effectively use an online platform for such a service, cheap glasses online have flooded the eyewear internet space. At SmartBuyGlasses you will not only find great prices, but also a great range of frames, materials, and shapes. One of our goals is to provide customers with products that mean they don't have to settle. Want stylish great-looking glasses and a low cost? You will be pleasantly surprised at the plentiful options to tick both of the boxes. Take a look at our range of prescription glasses starting at just £6.


Instead of only having a few products that fit into your price range, thanks to our extensive collection of affordable glasses, you will be spoilt for choice. Shop for excellent prices on high-end luxury brands such as Oakley, Burberry, and Diesel. We are well recognised as one of the leading eyewear resellers and that is very much reflected in the collection we provide. You can double-check that you are receiving the cheapest deal for your glasses online by using our best price guarantee. Should you see a better price online than the one we are offering after your purchase, simply get in touch with us and we will send you back the difference to match the price!

Some shoppers may have some hesitations when it comes to buying cheap glasses online in the UK, especially those who have traditionally used high street providers for their specs. We do our best to ensure that any of these doubts are resolved right from the get-go so that you can trust the service you are getting and the glasses you’ll be receiving. 


Convenience is one of the number one things about buying glasses online that make it better than shopping in physical shops. You can browse through hundreds of pairs of glasses in no time at all when compared to the time you would take to see that much otherwise. It is far easier to shop around and review all of the glasses available to you. Cheap reading glasses online are also a result of us cutting out the middleman. We bring the most sought after and latest styles directly to you without any of the fuss.


One of the downfalls that you could underline about buying glasses online is the lack of an optician to talk you through the process. We have created an excellent well of knowledge that we refer to as the Optical Centre where you can find heaps of useful information and answers to your questions. If you have something more specific in mind, you can even use the ask the optician feature to delve a little deeper into your questions.

We understand that for some people who aren't as technologically inclined, it can be a pain trying to navigate the websites and get the most out of your online shopping experience. We have a plethora of online tools that help guide you through the process stress-free and ready to enjoy the delivery of your new glasses. You can have a cheap glasses online try-on session using our virtual try-on tool to see how all of your favourites suit you.


Even if you don’t know your own prescription we have an easy to use Lens Scanner Free App that lets you scan a pair of your current glasses and get the needed details to make an order with us using the same prescription. Try it out!

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