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Computer Glasses vs Blue Light Glasses: What’s The Difference?


Computer Glasses: An Overview


Computer glasses differ from traditional eyeglasses or reading glasses in a few ways to optimize your eyesight when viewing your computer screen. Though they are sometimes known as computer reading glasses, it’s best to use ‘computer glasses’ or ‘computer eyeglasses’ to distinguish them from conventional reading glasses.

Computer glasses are designed with the primary purpose of reducing Digital Eye Strain (DES). Keep reading to learn about its symptoms. These glasses feature coatings that help reduce DES- for example, anti-glare coating, slight magnification, and decentered pupillary distance. Anti-glare or anti-reflective coating is required to reduce reflections coming from computer screens and overhead fluorescent lighting on the front of the lens surface. In general, computer glasses have about 60% of the magnifying power of reading glasses. However, the optimal magnification varies from person to person. It depends on how far you prefer to sit from your computer screen or other digital devices. 

Computer glasses should also accurately correct any astigmatism you might have, and precise measurements should be taken to ensure the optical centre of each lens is directly in front of your pupils when you are using your preferred working distance.

For these reasons, computer glasses should be customized to your individual needs. Using weaker, non-prescription reading glasses for computer work won’t provide the accurate vision correction you need for sustained clarity and comfort.

Computer glasses put the optimum lens power for viewing your computer screen right where you need it for a clear field of vision without the need for excessive focusing effort or unhealthy postures.

Computer glasses only block about 50% of blue light because blue light in natural quantities is healthy and required by the body for certain functions such as regulating the circadian rhythm. It’s only the excessive blue light from digital devices that need to be blocked out as even the slightest exposure to the same activates the retinal cells in our eyes and halts the secretion of melatonin, the hormone responsible  for promoting a good night’s sleep.

To summarize: computer glasses have special lenses that focus the light in a different way. However, they’re commonly mixed up with blue light blocking glasses. You can read up on the blue light blocking glasses facts below:


What Is Blue Light?


High-energy visible (HEV) light (commonly called blue light) makes up approximately one-third of all visible light. The main source of blue light is sunlight, but the screens of our computers, tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices emit a sizable amount of blue light too. This amount isn't enough to present any immediate danger, but spending a large amount of time in front of screens (or looking too closely at them) is what may have a negative long-term effect on our eyesight. 

Although we try to lower our exposure to screens, this can be challenging particularly in today’s context when we are dependent on them for all activities. An easy way to prevent damage is the 20-20-20 rule- this means that every 20 minutes, you spend at least 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away. It helps but isn’t enough and work shouldn’t come at the expense of health. Good digital wellbeing habits and a good quality pair of blue light blocking lenses help to filter out this harmful light and ease the strain on the eyes.


What Are Anti-Blue Light Glasses?


If you, like most of us, spend much of your day in front of a screen, you might need blue light glasses. They help to protect your eyes from digital eye strain and can prevent computer vision syndrome. We like blue light glasses, as they protect your eyes from the blue light emitted from the screens without compromising your vision. 



Do I Need Blue Light Glasses?


Blue light blocking glasses are, as the name suggests, used for the sole purpose of blocking blue light from screens like computers and smartphones. While they work for those who don’t require any vision correction, blue-blocking lenses are also suitable for those who: 

Blue light glasses are also great for people who have visual impairments over intermediate distances and want to achieve a sharper focus and enhance visual clarity. At SmartBuyGlasses, we’re proud to offer a variety of lens customization options for your blue-blocking prescription lenses to maximize your eyesight and comfort. These include scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, UV400, and superhydrophobic coatings, all purpose-built to protect your glasses (and your eyes) from everyday stresses and strains. 



What Is Digital Eye Strain?


Digital eye strain, or computer vision syndrome, is discomfort that usually occurs after a few hours of screen usage. As previously mentioned, most digital screens emit blue light that can be harmful to your eyes. Excess exposure to blue or high-energy visible (HEV) light may also lead to other eyesight problems in the long term.

Computer vision syndrome symptoms include:

  • Dry eyes.
  • - Eye fatigue.
  • - Watery eyes
  • - Burning sensation
  • - Blurry vision.
  • - Pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.
  • - Headache.
  • - Difficulty concentrating.

Many of these symptoms can be alleviated by using the right sort of glasses. As we’ve said, blue light blocking lenses are designed with preventing these symptoms in mind. Luckily, we offer an effective solution over at SmartBuyGlasses... 


zFORT® Blue Light Blocking Glasses


We understand the harmful effects of blue light now. But how can they be blocked with our eyeglasses? The answer is SmartbuyGlasses’ zFORT® Blue Light Block. It's a blue light blocking technology that helps to block blue light wavelengths (between 380nm and 500 nm), that can scatter easily causing detrimental damage to the eye. By limiting the penetration of these short wavelengths, zFORT® provides a 'fort-like' protection to the eye.


Are Blue Light Glasses Worth It?


By blocking blue light, you let your body’s normal hormonal rhythm take place, an especially important factor for getting a good night’s sleep. Not only do blue light glasses reduce digital eye strain, but they also allow your body to take its natural cues only from the sun, rather than deceptive screens.

Blue light glasses have been shown to reduce the impact of this spectrum on macular degeneration.

At SmartBuyGlasses, we’re not just committed to bringing you the latest and trendiest eyewear. We’re also dead-set on improving people’s eye health with our blue light blocking glasses. If any of the symptoms mentioned above apply to you, or you spend hours in front of screens and are interested in checking out some of the fastest-growing subsectors of the eyewear world, we highly recommend blue light glasses.


I’m Keen on Blue Light Blockers and I’m Looking for Some New Glasses. What Now?


It’s time to select a pair of glasses - or even sunglasses - that’s right for you. At SmartBuyGlasses we’re proud to host a whole range of luxury brandsvalue models, cutting-edge technologies, and more. We stock loads of brands to which you can add our zFORT® Blue Light Block - just add it at checkout. If you’ve seen a pair you like the look of, but aren’t sure how they’ll look ‘on-face’, why don’t you have a look at...


Virtual Try-On


SmartBuyGlasses’ revolutionary Virtual Try-On tool is an advanced online solution to the problem of not being able to check out a pair of glasses in-hand. It’s simple and free! See what you look like wearing different designer sunglasses or eyeglasses from home in just 2 easy steps.

Step 1: record your selfie video. We'll walk you through a simple process and show you how to use your desktop or mobile camera to record a quick, five-second selfie video.

Step 2: try on glasses online! Go to the brand page of any glasses you’d like to virtually try on. Then, filter by ‘virtual try-on’ in the special features option. You can see yourself wearing any of the glasses that appear! We have over 5,000 pairs of eyeglasses and 6,000 pairs of sunglasses just a few clicks away from appearing on your face!

Given the current pandemic, going to your local opticians’ or eyewear store isn’t so easy at the moment. Virtual Try-On eliminates the stress of making your mind up in person, the time wasted going to and from the store, and the typically high costs of visiting a brick-and-mortar shop. It really is the perfect socially distanced try-before-you-buy!


Buy the best blue light blocking glasses here.


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