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Eye Health | Optical Centre Smartbuyglasses UK

What Vitamins Are Good for Your Eyes?

There are some vitamins that are good for your eyesight, allowing you to increase your chances of healthy vision as you age. One way to get the necessary recommended dose of vitamins is to incorporate foods that are rich with vitamins into your everyday diet. Another way to get the best vitamins for your eyesight is through vitamin supplements, though this should be regulated as too much of any vitamin can be dangerous for your overall health. Read on to learn about which vitamin is good for eyes

Vitamin A: Best vitamin for eyesight

Beta Carotene is transformed in the body into what we know as Vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of many vitamins essential for good eyesight, as well as maintaining a strong immune system. Retinal is a form of vitamin A that is used by the retina to absorb low light and provide color vision. This vitamin can be found in many foods including carrots, spinach, onions, and eggs. Vitamin A can also increase your ability to see at night. 



Appropriate levels of Vitamin A

The body only converts as much Beta Carotene as it needs into Vitamin A. Excessively high levels of Vitamin A can be toxic to the body, as almost anything in excess can be. It is important to note that vitamin supplements include vitamin A in the form of retinal and not Beta Carotene and therefore taking too many can put you at risk of toxic levels of vitamin A.  


Vitamin E: Vitamins that are good for your eyes

Vitamin E is another one of the best vitamins for your eyes. Vitamin E dissolves in fat, making it possible to find it in cereals, capiscums, almonds, nuts, avocados, and spinach. Vitamin E is known to reduce the risks of cataracts as you age. Cataracts are a condition where the eye lense becomes hazy, resulting in blurry vision. Vitamin E is believed to protect the eye cells from unstable molecules that break down healthy eye tissue and can lead to conditions such as cataracts. 


Benefits of Vitamin E and C Team-Up

Vitamin E and C are some of the best vitamins for your eyes. If you combine foods that are rich with vitamin E and foods rich with vitamin C, you can create a natural eye supplement to offer your eyes optimal protection against vision impairment risks that increase with age. Your body does not create vitamin E or C and that is why it is essential to incorporate foods that are rich in these vitamins into your everyday diet. 



Vitamin C: Vitamins to help eyesight 

Vitamin C is water soluble and can be found in fruits and vegetables such as kale, eggs, cos lettuce, citrus fruits, and tomatoes. Vitamin C, like E, is believed to reduce the risk of cataracts. Your body only takes in as much vitamin C as it needs, so taking more than the daily recommendation is not going to improve your vision. 

Cortical and Nuclear Cataract

Cortical cataracts start on the periphery of the lense and make their way to the center. Nuclear cataracts occur in the nucleus of the eye lens, or the center. As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps protect against oxidative damage such as cortical and nuclear cataracts making it the best vitamin for eyesight for those at high risk of cataracts. In some cases, vitamin C is believed to reduce your risk of cataracts by up to 33%! 



Other foods with the Best Vitamins for Your Eyes

Berries and strawberries are other fruits that contain high levels of antioxidants to fight against oxidative damage to the eye tissue. Leafy greens are abundant in vitamins that are good for your eyes. Eggs and dark chocolate are unexpected (but delightful!) places to find vitamins that are good for your eyes, as their fatty acids and antioxidants make them rich with necessary vitamins. 


In order to get the best vitamins for your eyes, you should watch your diet and make sure that the food you consume is giving you the daily recommendation of vitamin A, E, and C. If you want to learn about more foods to incorporate into your diet for good eye health, discover them here.

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