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Gaming Glasses

If you’re into the gaming world, technology and screens are definitely a must! And if you’re a hardcore gamer, you’re likely to spend a lot of time in front of them. Countless hours of dedication and screen time during extended gaming sessions can take their toll, leading to eyestrain, headaches, dry eyes, and blurred vision. This makes it more difficult to focus, eventually leading to weak performance. A way to combat this is by wearing gaming glasses!

Whilst the gaming industry is rapidly growing and being recognised as a legitimate sport, consider making blue light gaming glasses a part of your kit and protect your eyes from digital strain. Hawkeye Gaming Glasses offer the best gaming glasses available to buy online, with popular 
square styles and rimless frames available, including a protective yellow lens tint to block from blue light rays. Keep reading to find out more about the latest essential gear for your gaming, and find gaming glasses in the UK. 


What do gaming glasses do?

Similar to computer glasses and blue light glasses, gaming glasses are designed to filter out the blue light emitted from digital screens. Crafted with avid gamers in mind, the best gaming glasses work by neutralising the blue light rays from computer or TV screens with a yellow tint. In the eyewear market there are multiple yellow tints available with varying degrees of protection - the stronger the yellow tint, the more you are protected! Whether you’re fighting in the war zone or defending the galaxy from an alien invasion, the best gaming glasses help to protect your eyes whilst you make your next move. This allows you to enjoy playing video games even more knowing that your eyes are protected with blue light gaming glasses in the UK. 


Are gaming glasses good?

You might be asking yourself if gaming glasses are just another fashion trend, and wondering if there is any point in wearing a pair of glasses if you don’t have a prescription. Well, there is! The best gaming glasses are designed as a simple solution to tired eyes, blurry vision, and headaches that come from spending a long period of time watching a digital screen. Not only do they serve a purpose, but some of them look pretty cool too!

Finding gaming glasses is important if you spend extended periods of time behind a screen. Slightly different to blue light glasses, blue light gaming glasses have a deeper yellow tint to counteract the blue light from digital screens. Gamers may take a little time to adapt to wearing gaming glasses, but spending the extra money on special eyewear to protect your vision is important for serious gamers. Here are the key benefits of gaming glasses in the UK:

Protective: First up, the best gaming glasses offer important protection for your eyes. Constant exposure to blue light rays can cause detrimental damage to the eye, with side effects including eye strain, tired eyes, and difficulty sleeping. Most consumers experience a noticeable difference when wearing blue light gaming glasses, with their eyes feeling relieved and less stressed from looking at a screen. To find out more about blue light, check out our article here

Comfortable: The best gaming glasses are ergonomically designed to incorporate likely participation in e-sport events. They include additional details like adjustable silicone nose pads and ergonomic temples. These features ensure comfort during extended use, and will make you feel like you’re not wearing blue light gaming glasses at all! Your gaming glasses will actually improve your gaming experience and performance by allowing you to stay focused and on top of your vision! They help to optimise your experience in front of the monitor whilst keeping your eyes healthy. 

Stylish: Not only protective and linked with increased performance, the best gaming glasses from Hawkeye are also stylish! In popular square and rectangular frame shapes, you can look good and play even better with panoramic lenses, which help to offer a wide field of vision. This is important when gaming so that you can see the whole game without an interrupted view. Similar to Hawkeye, Gunnar also offers a fantastic range of fashionable gaming glasses in the UK, designed to help you level up in your next video game tournament.


Can you wear gaming glasses outside? 

If you have blue light gaming glasses, you may be curious if you can wear them outside. Whilst wearing gaming glasses are perfectly safe to wear outside, if you’re working or spending time outdoors, it’s probably best to wear sunglasses instead, which include stronger UV protection! Some people who wear their blue light glasses outside notice that the glasses have more glare under bright sunlight due to the strong rays reflecting off the coating on the blue light gaming glasses. This would make sunglasses more suitable, allowing you to save your blue light gaming glasses for indoors when you’re playing hard! 

Similarly, before the era of electronic and digital screens, the primary source of blue light was found in natural sunlight. Certain kinds of blue light are actually necessary for regulating our circadian rhythms, so completely depriving yourself of blue light is not advised. Reconnecting with the sun’s natural blue light is one of the best ways to reset your circadian rhythm, helping to align you with your natural environment. While it’s true that a blue light lens coating such as zFORT® is helpful for reducing blue UV light exposure, we would advise opting for sunglasses when outdoors. Coupons on