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Tinted eyeglasses - what are they good for?


For those who have a more specific use in mind for their eyewear, it is worth checking the options of tinted eyeglasses. Besides the fact that there are multiple types of eyeglass tinting to opt for, they all have unique benefits that they bring with various suggested uses. People who see the world through rose-coloured glasses will agree that you can find functional glasses combined with style too! Glasses with coloured lenses also offer up a unique look that is sure to catch the eye! Interested? Have a read through the rest of the article to understand what tinted lens glasses can work for you.


What colour tint is best for glasses?

Deciding what colour tint is best for glasses can change from person to person, it depends on what lifestyle you live and what you will be doing while wearing your glasses. Let us run through the options and spotlight what they are great for.





Yellow lenses

By filtering out blue light, yellow lenses aid the eyes in picking out soft colours which has proven to be especially beneficial in low light settings such as indoor sports and overcast days. Ideal activities for this colour of tinted eyeglasses are:

• Hiking in shaded areas

• Mountain biking

• Indoor shooting

• Tennis


Green lenses

Green lenses filter out blue light from your view and therefore provide contrast and sharpness. Helping to reduce eye strain and glare when faced with bright lighting settings. Things these tinted lenses are great for:

• Rainy or sunny weather conditions

• Golf

• Outdoor activities


Blue/Purple lenses

Eyeglass tinting that uses blue/purple lenses to achieve the final product offers enhanced colour perception and improves object contours. The features of this option of glasses with coloured lenses are ideal for:

• Eliminating sun glare

• Misty, foggy, and snowy weather conditions

• Hockey

• Cricket


Red/Pink lenses

Red or pink lenses are well known for soothing the eyes as they block blue light as well as minimize eye strain and glare from screens. They can also aid with depth perception. When are they good to wear?

• Driving / Racing

• Skiing / Snowboarding

• Winter sports in general


Dark amber, copper, or brown lenses

Eyeglass tinting that uses dark amber, copper, or brown lenses enhances the colour red and therefore can illuminate brake lights when driving for example. Not only that, but they are also useful for judging distance and help in hazy and foggy conditions. The activities that they are a match for include:

• Driving

• Fishing

• High altitude sports



Grey/Black lenses

Grey and black lenses are a fantastic option for general use and work on bright days as well as more overcast ones. This option of coloured lenses provides true colour perception while offering the most significant light reduction of eyeglass tinting variations. You should grab a pair if you are into:

• Water sports

• Deep-sea fishing

• Outdoor leisure

• Baseball


Why is eyeglass tinting important?

The importance of eyeglass tinting becomes evident after using the correct lenses for your activities. Besides the fact that it can provide you with helpful adjustments to your vision that allow you to perform your sport to a higher level, for example, they also equip wearers with the best alteration to stay safe when enjoying their favourite pastime. 


Polarised sunglasses are another fantastic option and will enhance your outdoor experience with your shades. They help to get rid of frustrating glare by filtering the light that passes through your lens and are another superb choice for people who take part in outdoor activities where glare can be a major problem.


As you can see, there is the correct lens type for all types of people doing all types of activities but one important thing to consider is that the colour of a tint, despite helping us understand what different properties it has, is not an indication of UV protection. Now that you know what coloured lens glasses can have a purpose in your life, browse through our collection of tinted lens glasses and pick out your match! Which colour will you choose?


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