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When Should You Consider Getting Single Vision Lenses?

What are single vision lenses and how do they work?

Single vision lenses are lenses with a single lens power that help correct your eyes’ refractive power. These lenses ensure that light rays will hit the retina evenly, so that your focus is as clear as possible. However, single vision lenses offer almost no peripheral vision ability since the curvature on the inside lens surface is so consistent. However, since the introduction of aspheric single vision lenses, peripheral vision problems have been reduced significantly.


Who needs single vision lenses?

If you are slightly younger and suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness problems, then single vision lenses will be great for you. If you have presbyopiadue to age, then you may require individual pairs of single lens long distance and short distance glasses. But what about single vision lenses vs bifocal lenses? Well, bifocal lenses are lenses with two different lens strengths, unlike with single vision lenses. Bifocal lenses may be a more convenient alternative to using two separate pairs of glasses with two different vision needs.

Single vision lenses are great for everyday activities that require improved long or near distance vision, such as reading and driving. If you think your vision is becoming less than optimal, or starting to blur, then consult your optician to see if you need single vision lenses or contact lenses.


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