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Aviator Sunglasses

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Aviator Sunglasses

Once known as military eyewear, aviator sunglasses have transitioned from function to fashion, perfecting the balance of practicality and style. Arguably the most recognisable eyewear style in the world, the Ray-Ban aviator is a timeless and classic eyewear accessory seen on action heroes and swoon-worthy movie stars! A true classic with enduring appeal, aviator sunglasses combine functionality and fashion with their distinctive design, offering a lightweight and comfortable sunglasses option whether you’re working or playing! Not only for pilots, we offer a fantastic range of aviator sunglasses for men and womens Ray-Ban aviators



What are aviator sunglasses?

Originally designed for utility rather than fashion, aviator sunglasses are defined as “eyeglasses with a lightweight metal frame and relatively large tinted lenses.” One of Ray-Ban’s most iconic sunglasses styles is the Ray-Ban aviator. Introduced in the late 1930s, Ray-Ban aviators were designed to protect and clarify the vision of pilots. Crafted from lightweight metal with a horizontal top bar and teardrop-shaped tinted lenses, aviator sunglasses were both functional and comfortable, helping to reduce glare, keep the sweat from pilots eyes and help them see the world around them. With the rise of military influence on everyday fashion, sunglasses designers modified the look and feel of aviators to broaden their appeal to consumers. Aviator sunglasses became a cult fashion accessory following the release of Top Gun in 1986, and grew in popularity for years to come, appearing on the faces of popular cultural icons like Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Jennifer Aniston, and The Stooges. 

This trend remains as prominent as ever, proving to be one of the most popular sunglasses styles to date. Ray-Ban’s collection of iconic aviator sunglasses for men is available in a variety of metal frame colours, including gold, silver, or black. Combine womens Ray-Ban aviators with a variety of funky lens tints to create a modern sunglass frame to suit your style. Although still dominated by Ray-Ban, designer brands like PradaPersol, and Tom Ford have some beautiful pilot sunglasses styles available in varying frame materials, lens depth thickness and lens tints. 



What face shape suits aviator sunglasses?

Lucky for us, Aviator sunglasses are a classic sunglasses style that looks great with almost any face shape. Typically wider at the top and tapered at the bottom, this frame style combined with a teardrop lens shape is a great choice for oval, square, and heart-shaped faces as they mimic the face shape, complimenting the outline.

  • Oval face shapes suit almost any sunglasses style, so experiment with womens Ray-Ban aviators and try mirrored lenses or polarised lenses to add some fun to your outfit!
  • Aviator sunglasses work well with square face shapes as they help to balance out jawlines and get heads turning
  • Pale tinted aviators look great on heart-shaped faces as they have a lightweight thin frame that compliments wider cheeks
  • Remember that proportion is important! Oversized aviator sunglasses suit oblong face shapes, but diamond-shaped faces look better with narrower frames that stay within the cheeks (so stay away from the oversized frames!)
  • Those with rectangular face shapes should be wary when looking at aviators, as the deep lens can make your face shape seem as if it is being pulled down
  • Another thing to take into account when choosing your aviator sunglasses is your skin tone and style. Silver metal looks bright and healthy against cooler skin tones, whilst gold hardware accentuates warmer skin colours

If you’re unsure what category of face shape you fall into, we have useful tools to help you make the best sunglasses purchase. Take a look at our 
face shape guide, or better yet, use the latest virtual technology to virtually try on sunglasses online. Our virtual try-on tool is just like using an online mirror, helping you to decide which style suits you best. 


How to wear Ray-Ban aviators

Check out our top tips for styling your Ray-Ban aviators:

  • Don’t try too hard - The first trick to making Ray-Ban aviators look good, is not trying to make them look good. You can easily achieve a killer look by pairing a classic frame like aviators with a relaxed outfit. 
  • Keep it casual - Aviator sunglasses for men and womens Ray-Ban aviators are best suited to a more relaxed and sporty look. Aviator sunglasses don’t mix as well with formal clothing, as the lens style is designed with action in mind. All black aviator sunglasses are an easy way to dress up a t-shirt and jeans, whilst oversized frames are the perfect modern eyewear choice for everyday wear. 
  • Embrace the outdoors! - Made for adventurers, Ray-ban aviators suit outdoor styles. Lightweight and durable, aviator sunglasses are a great choice for walking and hiking, offering the timeless appeal of an explorer. Not only a style piece, aviator sunglasses provide eye protection against the suns’ UV rays whilst looking effortlessly cool. 


From the cockpit to catwalk, aviator sunglasses are the undeniably cool fashion accessory that’s here to stay. SmartBuyGlasses UK is proud to offer womens Ray-Ban aviators and aviator sunglasses for men and kids, at the best price!

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