January's Freshest Frames - Trending Now

By Emma Moletto

woman with sunglasses - catwalk

As we enter the new year, it’s the perfect opportunity to update your look with the latest in eyewear fashion. 

January’s lineup of trendy frames is part of the Fall/Winter trends we observed this year. It showcases various styles, from innovative designs to evergreens. 

Our picks here will help you discover what’s trending now and get inspiration for your new designer frames.

Clear frame glasses: clearly a trendsetter

Clear-frame glasses are definitely one of the most popular eyewear trends going into 2024. 

Both designer brands like Versace and Gucci and more affordable ones like Vogue and Kate Spade have been captured by this clear concept and offer a range of new frames in clear acetate or plastic.

Needless to say, clear prescription glasses blend seamlessly with any look, making them a versatile choice. 

Also, in terms of functionality, you can always add our zFORT® blue light filter to your lenses to make the most of them, perfect for those long hours in front of screens.

woman wearing clear-framed glasses
woman wearing clear-framed glasses

Stylish cat eye glasses

Cat eye frames have always been a symbol of elegance, and they’ve remained popular throughout the years. 

They’re most women’s best friends, perfect for heart-shaped faces, square and oval ones. 

Plus, in colours like classic black or trendy tortoiseshell, they can elevate any outfit. Browse our new arrivals for the latest models!

woman wearing cat eye sunglasses
woman wearing cat eye sunglasses

Bold, thick-rimmed frames

Thick-rimmed frames are for those who aren’t afraid to be bold and be noticed. 

These frames are all about making a statement, and they are suitable for most face shapes! 

Indeed,  designer brands haven’t been afraid to experiment with thick rims in their latest drops, as this distinct feature appears across a variety of shapes, including rectangular frames and round glasses.

Take a look at these new arrivals from Prada.

No matter the shape, the signature features of this trend are bold and bright colours. Personality-wise, these glasses speak for themselves.

Wraparound sunglasses: here to stay

Another trend that’s here to stay (going strong since 2022!) is wraparound sunglasses. 

Once confined to the sports world, this style is now everywhere.

These Ray-Ban wraparounds, for example, are the perfect combination of comfort, practicality and a sprinkle of celebrity vibes.

guy with hat wearing wrparound sunglasses
guy with hat wearing wrparound sunglasses

Retro frames with 70s vibes

The 70s are making a grand return in the eyewear world. This trend is all about round and oval frames, bringing back the essence of the era. 

These frames, often in warm colours like amber or tortoiseshell, add a nostalgic yet fashionable touch to your look.

We recommend checking out some new models in our oversized glasses section for that diva look that will rock your 2024.

woman wearing retro oversized sunglasses
woman wearing retro oversized sunglasses

Trendy glasses for the new year

So what’s it going to be? 

Are you the timeless, elegant figure who’ll opt for cat-eye frames? Will you turn things around and make a bold statement with thick rims? Or will you get that pair of 70s-inspired glasses you’ve always wanted?

Start the new year off with a fresh pair of trendy glasses that showcase your personal style! 

Not convinced about the trends of the moment? Take a look at our extensive collections and filter your way through the perfect pair.

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