The Eyewear Trends We Expect to See at Milan Fashion Week

By Kushla Brewster

a catwalk model wearing beige sunglasses

Milan Fashion Week is almost upon us to showcase 2024’s fall/winter collections. 

Eyewear is a tried and true way of enhancing a look so you know you’re going to see some stunning frames on the catwalks and in the streets. 

Picture geometric and unconventional frame styles that scream ‘futuristic’, to sporty eyewear in anticipation of the 2024 Olympics. 

We can’t forget the role of colour and we’re likely to see muted and pastel palettes like apricot crush – the colour of the year – to dramatic, deep tones like rust and midnight plum.

Keep a look out for monochromatic looks as well – which never go out of style in Italy’s fashion capital.

And with that – here’s what we expect to see in Milan this February. Andiamo! 

Fall/winter colour trends

The colour picks for this season include subtle shades like  elemental blue, matcha and apricot crush, as well as deeper tones such as midnight plum and intense rust. 

These colours represent harmony, stability and moderation. The colours that connect to nature like matcha and elemental blue also bring a sense of tranquillity. 

So, how do these palettes impact Milan Fashion Week’s choice in eyewear? We hope to see the eyewear both complementing and contrasting these colours.

Midnight plum and intense rust are deep and dramatic, as frames they’re perfect for mysterious and sophisticated looks.

To complement outfits in plum or rust, a black or tortoiseshell frame may come in handy. 

As for the lighter shades, you can anticipate pops of colour whether it’s the frames or the lenses.

Glasses in apricot or matcha would be perfect for completing a monochromatic look, or could add a splash of colour to a more neutral outfit.  

a woman wearing green sunglasses and two men wearing black sunglasses
a woman wearing green sunglasses and two men wearing black sunglasses

What will Milan bring to the fashion table?

Milan is always one step ahead when it comes to fashion so there’s no doubt the hottest trends will be on show.

Firstly, geometric and unconventional frame shapes will be sure to turn heads, both in bright colours and classic neutrals. 

Undoubtedly, catwalks will showcase wraparound shades that resemble what your dad rocks up to Sunday morning tee time in. 

Also, some classic styles are back (if they ever even left?). Forget ‘less is more’. Oversized frames will make an appearance, as are sleeker cat-eyes and 60s go-go girl oval frames. 

Back to the future

One of the most exciting trends to emerge this year is futuristic fashion.

From hexagonal metal frames to bold acetate, to the outfits themselves showcasing quirky hems and structured silhouettes. 

These eyewear styles may come in pops of bright colours or neutrals, depending on if they’re the star of the outfit or complementary. 

Graphic structured shoulders are a look sure to hit the runways which work perfectly with this futuristic theme.

The use of black and white in the outfits will also be a perfect canvas for geometric pops of colour. 

close-up of a woman wearing white loewe sunglasses
close-up of a woman wearing white loewe sunglasses

Athleisure eyewear

A trend following on from last year will still be at the forefront of this year’s eyewear trends, thanks to the 2024 Olympics.

You’ll find sporty sunglasses featured in Milan Fashion Week’s street style and shows. The perfect pairing for the retro sneakers trending in 2024. 

Ski goggle styles have also gained traction, so don’t be surprised if you see the models look like they’re hitting the slopes by day and the catwalk by night. 

More is more

Some of this year’s more extroverted eyewear trends include colourful frames and lenses and oversized styles. 

Don’t be surprised to find different combinations sported by your favourite models and celebrities. Oversized frames in neutral colours can add a touch of personality but not too much. 

Exaggerated oval frames and sleek rectangle styles in bold colours are perfect for standing out.

Double denim, yes that’s right… the Canadian tuxedo, is expected to hit the runways, and these styles in bright colours would be a great contrast with this. 

Then you’ve got the oversized and brightly-coloured frames to really scream “look at me”.

This with double denim or monochromatic outfits will stand out without being tacky. Because tacky is the last thing you would want in the city of Milan. 

a woman wearing bright pink sunglasses
a woman wearing bright pink sunglasses

Classic silhouettes

Monochrome looks are trending for 2024 so of course, you need eyewear to effortlessly blend in. 

For the all-black and white styles, shades to match in colour is an obvious choice.

However, black frames could also work perfectly to contrast monochrome looks in other palettes such as the elemental blues, apricots and so on. 

Classic, sleek silhouettes have to make an appearance this Milan Fashion Week, with the slimmer cat-eye and narrow rectangles exuding chic elegance. 

Countdown to Milan Fashion Week 2024

With fashion week right around the corner, there are endless opportunities for eyewear to be showcased and we can’t wait to see how the top brands execute this year’s trends. 

Keep your eye out for those light pastels and deeper shades when it comes to colours. And, enjoy the futuristic silhouettes both in frame and garment shapes. 

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