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Kids Sunglasses

Kid’s sunglasses are not just a bit of fun fashion for them to get involved with. Neither are they just so they can match with their favourite older sibling or parent. Kid’s sunglasses are arguably even more important than sunglasses for men or women, due to the greater risk of children obtaining damage to their eyes at the hands of sunlight. We understand the importance of the protection that kids’ UV sunglasses bring. We also understand that to convince them to keep them on in the most crucial moments, they have to be cool and fun with exciting colours


Whether your child is aiming to be the next big thing in downhill skiing or kicking it on the beach trying to learn the way of the waves, our range of designer kid’s sunglasses has the perfect fit for everyone! Especially if your kid is an active one, you need to check the brands available and pick one that best fits your child’s lifestyle. 


You can choose from some of the most impressive brands that provide kid’s sunglasses including Ray-Ban Kids which are some of the most stylish sunglasses available for young ones. They incorporate the expected design quality of Ray-Ban, and at the same time provide kids with an accessory that will take everything they throw at it and stay looking fresh. Our SmartBuy Kids range offers a fantastic solution for those searching for affordable eyewear, that doesn't compromise on quality. We pride our collection on giving the necessary protection to kids while making sure that said protection is sustained thanks to the durability of the product. Oakley sunglasses for kids, just as their adult-sized counterparts, come with a variety of lens colours and mean that an active parent can match with their child while continuing to live their active lifestyle. If you trust Oakley to protect your own eyes, it's a great place to start when choosing for your child. 


Is it bad for kids to wear sunglasses?

The answer to this question may seem obvious to others, but to some, it is a genuine doubt. The answer, in any case, is absolutely not. It's the opposite. It is bad for kids to not wear sunglasses. We know about the damage that UV rays can cause to an adult’s eyes, so why would a kid’s eyes be any different? Children are more sensitive to sunlight than someone who is fully grown, and that makes it even more important for them to be wearing sunglasses when they are exposed to the sun. 


An important consideration that often goes unnoticed is that children tend to spend a lot more time outdoors than the average adult due to school playtime, sports and general mucking about in the garden or park. This means that they are exposed to more UV light than adults daily and so perhaps need the protection even more. Children’s skin around the eyes, as well as their eyelids, are more sensitive and far more vulnerable to UV rays. This damage can accumulate over time and lead to long term eye issues such as cataracts, and macular degeneration which can blur vision and dull colours. Short term side effects are also a more immediate concern and include photokeratitis which is likened to having sunburn on your eye. 


How do you choose sunglasses for kids?

Considering all of the above points, it is clear that when you are selecting sunglasses for kids you need to make sure you check for certain features for them to be worth your while. The most important thing, ahead of the look, is function. The most important function is without a doubt, UV protection. That should be the first thing you should check, and rule out any sunglasses that don't provide enough UV light protection, even if they look the part.


Second, make sure that the sunglasses are durable. Active kids will make light work of a pair of sunglasses that are not put together well. They need to be impact resistant and be made from a material that is going to last, such as acetate, plastic, and metal. Choose a lens coating like an anti-scratch one to lengthen the life of the lenses and avoid bothersome marks. You should also think about the kinds of activities these kids sunglasses will be used for, and select a tint that enhances certain aspects of vision such as contrast and sharpness. If this is where your focus is, you can narrow down your search and look directly at our sports sunglasses for kids


It is all well and good having the right pair of kids UV sunglasses, but you also need to make sure they are willing to wear them! Letting your kids in on the selection process is a foolproof way to ensure they are excited about the sunglasses and are more likely to keep them on at the times that matter. Make sure they also see you in your sunglasses because setting an example is one of the most powerful ways we can convince children to get on board with healthy habits. 


What UV protection should children's sunglasses have?

The UV protection level of kids sunglasses is understood by the category which they fall into. The categories range from 0-4, with 4 being the highest level of protection. Kids sunglasses that fall into the 0-2 range are great for style and offer some very minimal protection against UV light, but are not the right choice if your children are in an environment with significant sun exposure. Think of it this way - you might be okay with a lower SPF sun cream for your child if they aren’t in strong sunlight, but the moment they are in a different, more sunny environment, you would cover them head to toe in the highest SPF sun cream you can find in the cupboard, right? Your eyes need that same level of care and unfortunately sun cream is not eye-safe, so kids sunglasses are the solution! For optimum protection, opt for sunglasses that fall into category 3 or 4.

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