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Founded in 1988, Bloc Eyewear is a fiercely independent sports and lifestyle brand from the UK. It specializes in "performance optics". The Bloc goggles and sunglasses are all designed in-house, thus, won't cost you too much money.

What sets Bloc apart from its rivals is its focus on providing the best of both worlds: top quality materials and craftsmanship at the most competitive prices.

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By working closely with the company-owned factories, scientific research and innovative ideas are perfectly executed and combined with the latest fashion trends. As a result, customers are happy.

There’s diversity in their range, too -- from the ultra-streamlined cycling shades, like the Bloc Shadow, to the casual pilot style of the Hurricane, and their piste-primed Boa ski goggles. If you want sports eyewear which will endure and perform without breaking the bank, look no further. Bloc eyewear has got you covered. You can find more of their Bloc ski goggles collection, block polarized sunglasses and many more here. Coupons on