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Women's Prescription Glasses

Women's glasses can make a statement, express your personality, or transform your daily look. In the meantime, they are a functional accessory that corrects your vision.


If you are looking for the top women’s glasses, discover our vast range of women's prescription glasses! You’ll find what you love in our dazzling array of styles from the world's most prestigious designer brands.


What was once a necessity is now a stylish accessory. Today, women’s glasses do far more than just help your sight. Colourful temple arms, bold patterns, shimmering gemstones, and the iconic logo of a world-renowned designer make women’s prescription glasses that much more appealing.

Women's Prescription Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

There is no easier way to quickly update your style than with a new pair of fashionable women’s glasses. It's no surprise that stylish glasses are so popular. Not only are they functional, but they're also a must-have accessory for every fashionista's wardrobe. A new pair of trendy, eye-catching glasses can significantly upgrade your style, whether you use them with prescription lenses, as blue light glasses, or simply as a fashion choice.


Several popular trends from the past are making a reappearance. For both men and women, geometrical glasses, thin frames, oversized glasses, and cat-eye glasses are the latest craze. Choose clear frame glasses for a more understated look, or go for dramatic coloured frames and extra details to feel more fashion-forward.


Geometric glasses

Geometric glasses have a subtle sharp design and are perfect for a more simple style. Geometric frames, such as rimless glasses, have an artistic appeal and allow you to show off your creative side. Due to their modern, sleek shapes, these frames perfectly enhance facial features, especially for people with a round face.  This is particularly true for designs such as octagon, hexagon, square, and rectangle.


Minimalistic frames

Beautiful thin frame glasses are the epitome of elegance in women’s glasses. Metal frames with a thin rim in shining silver, gold, or rose gold can be worn with a variety of outfits for a sophisticated and elegant style. This distinctive frame is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.


Oversized glasses

If you’re trying to achieve a bold and daring style with women's glasses, nothing beats oversized glasses. With a big, attractive frame, they give designers more freedom and space to accomplish a unique design. Whether they keep the frame simple or add lots of details, oversized glasses have big enough lenses to display the wearer's eyes beautifully.


Cat-eye glasses

When it comes to women’s glasses, cat-eye glasses are unquestionably timeless. Recently, cat-eye glasses became more modern with narrower frames that produce a more dynamic, angular design. Cat-eye glasses are seductive but serious, and they symbolize a strong woman who knows what she wants.


Clear glasses

Clear glasses have been popular for a long time and are particularly popular right now. The neutral colour scheme is fantastic, as it will go with any of your favourite outfits. They're the ideal complement to any hair colour, skin tone, or age. Furthermore, because the frames are clear, they aren’t overpowering and instead accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. The adaptability is what makes women's glasses with transparent frames so appealing.

The frame size is one of the most common differences between men's and women's glasses. Men's, women's, and kid's glasses are available separately in most stores such as  SmartBuyGlasses.  However, most frames share similar characteristics and are generally unisex, so they can be worn by men and women as long as the correct frame size is available.


Men's faces are generally larger than women's, and their eyes and ears are set more widely apart. The nose may also be larger, so a wider bridge is necessary. You can use criteria like these to select the best size for you. 


Most glasses come in a variety of sizes to accommodate people with various face shapes. Before ordering your glasses, make sure you choose the correct frame size. If you are unsure about how to measure your glasses size, have a look at our size guide for some great tips to guide you through it.


If you decide that you want to rock a pair of men's glasses as women’s glasses, but are worried they will appear too bulky on your face, you can use our helpful Virtual Try-On tool. This allows you to see countless pairs of glasses on yourself so that you can avoid all doubt. 

The perfect eyeglasses can make your youthfulness shine, regardless of your age or the type of lenses you need to wear. There is no reason why women’s glasses can’t help you to look your best while correcting your vision. Whether you need reading glasses for women, or want something purely for style, knowing which eyeglass frames make you look youthful is key. 


Round tortoiseshell glasses frames are a great method for women to add natural warmth to their faces. Earthy colours such as amber, brown, and black will easily blend in with almost all of your outfits, making colour matching a joy. If your goal is to find a pair of glasses to make you look younger, then you also need to know what to avoid. Sleek, minimalist rimless women's glasses fail to convey a youthful and outgoing persona, so they are best avoided.


Now that you know all about women’s glasses, it’s time to shop! Discover our great selection and enjoy free shipping, 100-day-returns, and unbeatable customer service.