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Silhouette Prescription Glasses

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Silhouette Prescription Glasses

Founded in 1964, the Austrian eyewear company Silhouette has created a credible reputation for its uniquely innovative approach to producing its glasses. Their glasses come in a variety of shapes and styles encompassing old and new so you can make a dynamic statement with the iconic design and craftsmanship of Silhouette eyewear on show. They offer full rim, semi-rimless and completely rimless glasses giving you the full range of choice. 


How much are Silhouette glasses?

In the UK, Silhouette glasses are attainable within a broad range of prices, whether you want to stay under a lower spending cap or splash out on some of their newest and most advanced models. When you buy a pair of Silhouette glasses, you are not only benefiting by receiving your new specs, you are also benefiting from a product that has been forged from the flames of passion, devotion, and non-stop development over the last several decades. You will also see the craftsmanship that Silhouette glasses are famous for once you have them in your hands and feel the quality of the build and how they are put together. 


If you purchase UK Silhouette eyewear from us, as with our full eyewear range, you have the security of knowing that our returns policy allows you to return unused glasses with their original packaging any time within 100 days, for free. And that includes prescription lenses! On top of that, we want the joy you feel with your new glasses to be ongoing. That’s why we offer a 24-month warranty, so you know you can get your money's worth. Our best price guarantee means you can benefit from these great extras, all while securing the best price. If you find another price that beats us online, we will even match the price for you. 


Are Silhouettes good glasses?

Not only do we think Silhouette glasses are good, but you can also gain some understanding of their quality yourself by simply taking a look at their collaborations over the years. None other than NASA have trusted Silhouette glasses to the extent of actually opting for them to be the go-to eyewear worn by shuttle crew members. Their Titan Minimal Art glasses and sunglasses triumphantly rose to the top amongst many competitors who were undoubtedly just as desperate for NASA’s nod of approval. They have seriously been put to the test and have shown to be virtually unaffected at the hands of the extreme momentum shifts and G-force that is inevitably a part of NASA’s space explorations. Truly out of this world.


When you dive a little bit deeper into the technology behind the stunning frames used by Silhouette eyewear, it is understandable how they came to be in this position. Their models are globally perceived as the world's lightest glasses and are known to be durable, a feature not often mentioned in the same context as minimalist frames. For the whole of the UK, Silhouette glasses present an unmatched opportunity to align your light-hearted approach to life with an equally weightless pair of glasses, that go so far as to avoid screws in their designs. 


Where is Silhouette made? 

Silhouette glasses look to its home, Austria, for all its needs to provide the world with the remarkable eyewear they have become known for. The lenses and frames are developed, manufactured, and assembled all in the same location and they have been since the company's emergence into the world. They are able to bring such a polished product to you by implementing extremely high workmanship standards and utilising the most advanced production techniques. 


Eyewear provided by Silhouette is constructed from optimum quality materials that allow them to push the boundaries of lightweight glasses. The frames use advanced titanium that is hypoallergenic and allows for the greatest balance of flexibility and strength. They also put to use their SPX®+, similar to plastic, which is made using injection moulding and due to the ease of adjusting the colour of the material, grants them the ability to provide a plethora of colours. The material is impact resistant, hypoallergenic and twice as resistant as acetate and also can withstand exposure to solvents. The special SPX®+ material also means they can achieve a more polished finish, giving a brilliant shine. It is these small extra touches that make these timeless eyeglasses a must-have amongst other lightweight brands. 


Who sells Silhouette glasses near me?

One of the biggest hassles of finding your perfect pair of glasses online is wondering if they will look the same on your face as they do on the model on the website. That may leave you searching around all of your nearest high streets and shopping centres for the needle in the haystack that is your exact preferred glasses. With SmartBuyGlasses UK, Silhouette glasses can be delivered to you across the whole United Kingdom. There is no need to traipse around asking each high street provider if they have this exact model of glasses because you can use our virtual try-on tool to see your dream glasses from every angle needed to make a decision.