Bold frames and clean lines make you stand out this season. Whether classic wayfarer or or cat eye chic, winter is the time for a cooler style.



Summer Daze




Chase the sun, the music, the barbeques and the festivals! Chase it all in chunky frames and dark tints to make a seasonal statement. Looking fabulous while lounging near the pool or simply just applying your shades with your festival look is the ultimate summer daze aesthetic. Whether you're going for a more relaxed and effortless style or a full-on glam look, these sunnies are the perfect accessory to wear on your summer holiday. 



The Millennial Reign



Embrace a style made for the summer season. Whether you're creating a snap or sharing a story on Instagram — your summer shades will have you looking on point for any occasion! Millennial Reign is all about the confident and daring individual who chooses to express themselves with a little spunk and flavour. Their choice of eye-candy this season will be the standout winner here — transforming you from basic to badass in an instant. 



The Adventure Zone




Escape to your next dream destination with a pair of our stylish sunglasses! Although stylish sunnies are essential - your top priority is practicality. Sunglasses need to feel good, but they also need to be useful during your trip (and not only worn for the sole purpose of making a fashion statement). Adventure Zone sunnies will give you the combination of a modern yet practical look - and we have a remarkable selection for you to choose from. Coupons on