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    SmartBuyGlasses UK offers a wide range of Serengeti sunglasses online, with different colours and materials for frames and lenses. Buy your favourite model online, including free delivery.


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    Serengeti Aerial

    Serengeti Aerial Polarized

    Serengeti Agata

    Serengeti Agata Polarized

    Serengeti Agazzi

    Serengeti Agazzi Polarized

    Serengeti Alice Polarized

    Serengeti Annalisa

    Serengeti Annalisa Polarized

    Serengeti Assisi Polarized

    Serengeti Bagheria Polarized

    Serengeti Bella Polarized

    Serengeti Bianca

    Serengeti Bormio Polarized

    Serengeti Brando

    Serengeti Brando Polarized

    Serengeti Brera Polarized

    Serengeti Caterina Polarized

    Serengeti Chloe Polarized

    Serengeti Claudio Polarized

    Serengeti Dante

    Serengeti Duccio Polarized

    Serengeti Empoli Polarized

    Serengeti Enzo Clip-On Only Polarized

    Serengeti Enzo With Clip-On Polarized

    Serengeti Fasano

    Serengeti Fasano Polarized

    Serengeti Ferrara Polarized

    Serengeti Fontana

    Serengeti Gabriella Polarized

    Serengeti Giustina Polarized

    Serengeti Granada

    Serengeti Isola Polarized

    Serengeti Levanto Polarized

    Serengeti Lipari Polarized

    Serengeti Livigno Polarized

    Serengeti Luca Polarized

    Serengeti Luigi

    Serengeti Martino

    Serengeti Martino Polarized

    Serengeti Medium Aviator Polarized

    Serengeti Merano

    Serengeti Merano Polarized

    Serengeti Milano Polarized

    Serengeti Misano Polarized

    Serengeti Mondello

    Serengeti Mondello Polarized

    Serengeti Nico

    Serengeti Nico Polarized

    Serengeti Norcia

    Serengeti Norcia Polarized

    Serengeti Nunzio Polarized

    Serengeti Nuvino

    Serengeti Nuvola

    Serengeti Nuvola Polarized

    Serengeti Orvieto Polarized

    Serengeti Palmiro Clip-On Only Polarized

    Serengeti Palmiro With Clip-On Polarized

    Serengeti Piero

    Serengeti Piero Polarized

    Serengeti Pisa Polarized

    Serengeti Rivoli Polarized

    Serengeti San Remo

    Serengeti San Remo Polarized

    Serengeti Sara Polarized

    Serengeti Sassari

    Serengeti Sassari Polarized

    Serengeti Serena

    Serengeti Serena Polarized

    Serengeti Sestriere Polarized

    Serengeti Sophia

    Serengeti Sophia Polarized

    Serengeti Sorrento

    Serengeti Sortie

    Serengeti Sortie Polarized

    Serengeti Tommaso Polarized

    Serengeti Tosca Polarized

    Serengeti Udine Polarized

    Serengeti Vasio

    Serengeti Velocity

    Serengeti Velocity Polarized

    Serengeti Verdi Polarized

    Serengeti Volterra

    Serengeti Volterra Polarized

    Most Popular Shapes

    Frame Type


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Serengeti Sunglasses


    Serengeti Sunglasses

    If you want sunglasses that provide ultimate sun protection for driving, look no further than Serengeti sunglasses. The brand from the Bushnell corporation has developed a global reputation for creating high-quality photochromic sunglasses that are made with cutting edge technology to ensure UV rays are kept at bay, and vision is crystal clear even in the brightest conditions. Whether you’re after something to suit your active lifestyle or merely want an everyday pair of glasses to stand up to sunny days, you’ll find exactly what you need from the selection of Serengeti sunglasses available for less at SmartBuyGlasses UK such as the Serengeti Velocity

    Serengeti UK

    Serengeti UK was launched in 1984, and has gone on to develop a worldwide reputation for having some of the best driving sunglasses. Products are made with innovations such as Photochromic lens technology, which allows lenses to continually adjust to light so you’re always able to see clearly without having to manually adjust anything or take them off. There are many popular products that feature these and other smart features from this high-end designer label. Top-selling Serengeti Velocity sunglasses come in a sleek unisex design with nosepads to provide a comfortable fit, and durable glass lenses to provide optimal sun protection. We specially coat the lenses in every pair with extra glare resistant and scratch-proof coatings too, so you can be sure that your sunnies are up to any warm weather challenge. Shop for sunglasses in colours such as Brown Tannery, Shiny Black, Dark Stripe Turquoise and others that can easily be integrated into your wardrobe. And with a bevy of shapes to choose from, you’ll have no trouble selecting something that frames your face perfectly.

    Serengeti Sunglasses UK

    Serengeti sunglasses are known as the best sunglasses for driving and have been seen on stars such as Jack Nicholson, Kiefer Sutherland and Patrick Dempsey, but you don’t have to be a celeb to afford a pair. Aside from the sleek A-list looks and comfortable feel, Serengeti sunglasses are outfitted with some of the best lenses on the market, all of which is yours for less when you shop online at SmartBuyGlasses UK.

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