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    At SmartBuyGlasses UK, we carry the entire Lozza sunglasses collection at low prices in the country. Find Lozza sunglasses online today and get free delivery on all our eyewear.


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    Choose Your Model

    Lozza AGL 1977 Clip On

    Lozza AGL1977 Clip On

    Lozza SL 1489

    Lozza SL 1821

    Lozza SL 1823

    Lozza SL 1824

    Lozza SL 1827

    Lozza SL 1827V Zilo Sport

    Lozza SL 1828

    Lozza SL 1842V

    Lozza SL 1843 Zilo Sprint

    Lozza SL 1844 Zilo Pilot

    Lozza SL 1845 Cooper

    Lozza SL 1845V

    Lozza SL 1872 Zilo Pop

    Lozza SL 1881 Zilo Funky

    Lozza SL 1888

    Lozza SL 1888 Polarized

    Lozza SL 1891 Zilo Killer

    Lozza SL 1891 Zilo Killer Polarized

    Lozza SL 1913

    Lozza SL 1913 Macho

    Lozza SL 1913 Macho Polarized

    Lozza SL 1914 Limo Polarized

    Lozza SL 1915 Vagabond

    Lozza SL 1916 Caliper

    Lozza SL 1919 Starter

    Lozza SL 1920 Cooper Club

    Lozza SL 1921 Coupe' Club

    Lozza SL 1922 Coupe'

    Lozza SL 1926

    Lozza SL 1927

    Lozza SL 1940

    Lozza SL 1941 Brendon

    Lozza SL 1959 Sax

    Lozza SL 1960 Piano

    Lozza SL 1961 Guitar

    Lozza SL 1961 Guitar Polarized

    Lozza SL 1962 Keyboard

    Lozza SL 1962 Keyboard Polarized

    Lozza SL 1963 Refrain

    Lozza SL 1964 Mixer

    Lozza SL 1965 Chorus

    Lozza SL 1966 Zilo Mars

    Lozza SL 1967 Zilo Jupiter

    Lozza SL 1969 Mika

    Lozza SL 1970 Macho Chic

    Lozza SL 1988 Yacht Polarized

    Lozza SL 1995M

    Lozza SL 1998M Doyle

    Lozza SL 1999M

    Lozza SL 2012

    Lozza SL 2137 Cover

    Lozza SL 2137 Cover Polarized

    Lozza SL 2152 Boxer

    Lozza SL 2155 Metal Cooper

    Lozza SL 2156 Booster

    Lozza SL 2156 Booster Polarized

    Lozza SL 2195 Note

    Lozza SL 2196 Quaver

    Lozza SL 2196 Quaver Polarized

    Lozza SL 2197 Drums

    Lozza SL 2199 Cooper Combi

    Lozza SL 2200 Coupe' Comby

    Lozza SL 2209 Skin

    Lozza SL 2211

    Lozza SL 2211M

    Lozza SL 2212 Kerouac

    Lozza SL 2212M Kerouac

    Lozza SL 2212M Kerouac Polarized

    Lozza SL 2214

    Lozza SL 2234M

    Lozza SL 2235M

    Lozza SL 2236M

    Lozza SL 2237M

    Lozza SL 2237V

    Lozza SL 4000M

    Lozza SL 4000M Polarized

    Lozza SL 4001

    Lozza SL 4001M

    Lozza SL 4002M

    Lozza SL 4003M

    Lozza SL 4003M Polarized

    Lozza SL 4004M

    Lozza SL 4005

    Lozza SL 4005M

    Lozza SL 4006

    Lozza SL 4006M

    Lozza SL 4027M

    Lozza SL 4028M

    Lozza SL 4029M

    Lozza SL 4030M

    Lozza SL 4031M

    Lozza SL 4032M

    Lozza SL 4033M

    Lozza SL 4034M

    Lozza SL 4034V

    Lozza SL 4035M

    Lozza SL 4035V

    Lozza SL 4036M

    Lozza SL 4036V

    Lozza SL 4037M

    Lozza SL1872W Zilo Pop


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Sports Purpose

    • Baseball
    • Cycling
    • Driving
    • Fishing
    • Golf
    • Running
    • Ski Goggles
    • Tennis
    • Water Sports

    Frame Type

    Frame Material

    Lens Material

    BUY ONE,

    For every pair of
    glasses you buy,
    we give one to
    someone in need


    Lozza Sunglasses


    Lozza Sunglasses

    If you’re looking for refined and elegant sunglasses, shop the selection of Lozza sunglasses for men and women. Established in 1878, this luxurious Italian brand has its roots firmly planted in quality craftsmanship and style. You’ll find a variety of vintage-inspired frames as well as modern looks that are perfect for everyday wear, and you’ll find them all for less at SmartBuyGlasses.

    Whether your wardrobe is filled with designer duds or casual wear, you’ll find the perfect pair of sunnies to complement your look from Lozza. There are frames available in colours such as Dark Havana, Shiny Black, Bluette Beige and even a faux wood finish, so you’ll have to trouble finding the perfect pair to suit your taste and budget. These sought-after shades come in comfortable frame shapes like oval, square, round and others, and are available in a number of thicknesses to give you plenty of styling options. Top selling models such as the Lozza SL 1845V for example come in twelve frame variations, each with it’s own unique identity to give you a number of options to enjoy the same classic frame shape. And whichever frame you choose, you can have peace of mind knowing that the lenses within them provide 100% UV protection.

    Shopping for designer sunnies has never been easier than with Vision Direct. Simply pick the pair of Lozza sunglasses you love, check out and relax as we ship them to you quickly and free of charge. They’ll arrive in all the original packaging for safekeeping, and we’ll also throw in our own lens care kit worth $30 to help you keep them in top condition season after season. For stylish sunnies you can wear with just about anything, turn to Lozza, and for simple shipping and low prices, turn to the eyewear experts at SmartBuyGlasses.

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