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    Choose your favourite Dsquared2 Sunglasses models at SmartBuyGlasses UK. Secure online store and enjoy a Free Delivery straight to your doorstep.


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    Dsquared2 DQ0081

    Dsquared2 DQ0085

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    Dsquared2 DQ0093

    Dsquared2 DQ0094

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    Dsquared2 DQ0100

    Dsquared2 DQ0103/S

    Dsquared2 DQ0104/S

    Dsquared2 DQ0105

    Dsquared2 DQ0106/S

    Dsquared2 DQ0108/S

    Dsquared2 DQ0109

    Dsquared2 DQ0110

    Dsquared2 DQ0112

    Dsquared2 DQ0113

    Dsquared2 DQ0114

    Dsquared2 DQ0115

    Dsquared2 DQ0116

    Dsquared2 DQ0117

    Dsquared2 DQ0119

    Dsquared2 DQ0128

    Dsquared2 DQ0129

    Dsquared2 DQ0130

    Dsquared2 DQ0131

    Dsquared2 DQ0132

    Dsquared2 DQ0133

    Dsquared2 DQ0134

    Dsquared2 DQ0135

    Dsquared2 DQ0136

    Dsquared2 DQ0137

    Dsquared2 DQ0138

    Dsquared2 DQ0139

    Dsquared2 DQ0140

    Dsquared2 DQ0141

    Dsquared2 DQ0142

    Dsquared2 DQ0143

    Dsquared2 DQ0144

    Dsquared2 DQ0145

    Dsquared2 DQ0146

    Dsquared2 DQ0147

    Dsquared2 DQ0148

    Dsquared2 DQ0149

    Dsquared2 DQ0150

    Dsquared2 DQ0151

    Dsquared2 DQ0161

    Dsquared2 DQ0162

    Dsquared2 DQ0163

    Dsquared2 DQ0164

    Dsquared2 DQ0165

    Dsquared2 DQ0166

    Dsquared2 DQ0167

    Dsquared2 DQ0168/S

    Dsquared2 DQ0169

    Dsquared2 DQ0170

    Dsquared2 DQ0171

    Dsquared2 DQ0172

    Dsquared2 DQ0173

    Dsquared2 DQ0174

    Dsquared2 DQ0175

    Dsquared2 DQ0176

    Dsquared2 DQ0177

    Dsquared2 DQ0189

    Dsquared2 DQ5137 Clip On

    Dsquared2 DQ5148 Clip On

    Dsquared2 DQ5152 Clip On

    Special Features


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound

    Sports Purpose

    • Baseball
    • Cycling
    • Driving
    • Fishing
    • Golf
    • Running
    • Ski Goggles
    • Tennis
    • Water Sports

    Frame Type

    Frame Material

    Dsquared2 Sunglasses


    Dsquared2 Sunglasses

    Love a bold look from your sunnies? Then you’ll crave the collection of Dsquared2 sunglasses featuring a variety of eclectic frame designs and patterns. Whether you’re after futuristic or retro, unique or classic, you’ll find something in this high-quality collection of sunglasses, all of which are made in Italy. To save on your pair, shop today at SmartBuyGlasses.

    Launched by Canadian identical twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten, Dsquared2 has fast become one of the hottest names in fashion. Worn by celebs including Britney Spears, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Fergie, this young-looking label has rock and roll at its center. The Caten brothers launched their sunglasses range in conjunction with an Italian sunglasses manufacturer in 2008. The result is a collection of sunnies that matches Hollywood-style glamour with the quality and craftsmanship you’d expect from Italian-made sunglasses. For instance, the best seller Dsquared2 DQ 0015 comes in luxurious colours like Blue Gradient Violet and Black Red, and is designed in a beautiful oversized square frame. The opulent colours give these sunglasses an almost regal look, perfect for dressing up your casual outfits. Other frames available come in aviator, round or cat eye shapes, and with colours like Dark Havana, Black Gold, Ivory and many others to choose from, finding something that gives you the best of fit and fashion is easy.

    Enjoy free shipping on every pair of Dsquared2 sunglasses you buy. We’ll treat you to a free lens care kit as well, so keeping your new sunnies in top condition is simple. We pride ourselves on providing 100% authentic products from the fashion industry’s top names, and so we cover every pair of sunglasses with a 24-month warranty for added peace of mind. For these and other shopping perks, trust the eyewear experts at SmartBuyGlasses.

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