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    SmartBuyGlasses UK offers a wide range Silhouette glasses online, with different colours and materials for frames and lenses. Buy your favourite model online today and enjoy the comfort of a Free Delivery to your doorstep!


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    Choose Your Model

    Silhouette 1520

    Silhouette 1524 SPX MOTION

    Silhouette 1973

    Silhouette 2826

    Silhouette 5236

    Silhouette 5327

    Silhouette 5363

    Silhouette 5396

    Silhouette 6559

    Silhouette 6602 TNGIII

    Silhouette 6603 TNGIII

    Silhouette 6604 TNGIII

    Silhouette 6614

    Silhouette 6615

    Silhouette 6617

    Silhouette 6618

    Silhouette 6628

    Silhouette 6658 EMBRACE

    Silhouette 6659 EMBRACE

    Silhouette 6660 EMBRACE

    Silhouette 6734

    Silhouette 6736

    Silhouette 7395

    Silhouette 7531 TNGIII

    Silhouette 7533 TNGIII

    Silhouette 7534

    Silhouette 7548

    Silhouette 7549

    Silhouette 7550

    Silhouette 7588 CLASS

    Silhouette 7596

    Silhouette 7597

    Silhouette 7598

    Silhouette 7614 CLASS

    Silhouette 7615 CLASS

    Silhouette 7659 TITAN DESIGN

    Silhouette 7661

    Silhouette 7690

    Silhouette 7727

    Silhouette 7728

    Silhouette 7746 ACTION STYLE

    Silhouette 7791

    Silhouette 7799 THE MUST COLLECTION

    Silhouette CARBON 5418

    Silhouette CARBON T1 5372

    Silhouette CARBON T1 5373

    Silhouette DAY-LITE FULLRIM 1554

    Silhouette DAY-LITE FULLRIM 2881

    Silhouette DAY-LITE FULLRIM 2882

    Silhouette DAY-LITE FULLRIM 2883

    Silhouette GEM STONE 4293

    Silhouette GEM STONE 4294

    Silhouette GEM STONE 4295

    Silhouette HINGE C-1 7672

    Silhouette HINGE C-1 7720

    Silhouette HINGE C-1 7721

    Silhouette HINGE C-1 7722

    Silhouette HINGE C-1 7723

    Silhouette HINGE C-1 7724

    Silhouette ILLUSION NYLOR 4454

    Silhouette ILLUSION NYLOR 5428

    Silhouette LACQUER ARTWORK 7739

    Silhouette LACQUER ARTWORK 7740

    Silhouette LACQUER ARTWORK 7741

    Silhouette LACQUER ARTWORK 7742

    Silhouette LIGHT ATTRACTION 4283

    Silhouette LIGHT ATTRACTION 4284

    Silhouette LIGHT ATTRACTION 4285

    Silhouette LIGHT ATTRACTION 6775

    Silhouette LIGHT ATTRACTION 6793

    Silhouette LIGHT ATTRACTION 6794

    Silhouette LITE TOUCH 4346

    Silhouette LITE TOUCH 4347

    Silhouette LITE TOUCH 4348

    Silhouette LITE TOUCH 4353

    Silhouette LITE TOUCH 5288

    Silhouette LITE TOUCH 5289

    Silhouette LITE TOUCH 5290

    Silhouette LITE TOUCH 5293

    Silhouette Lite Twist 4414

    Silhouette Lite Twist 4418

    Silhouette Lite Twist 4419

    Silhouette LITE TWIST 5328

    Silhouette LITE TWIST 5329

    Silhouette LITE TWIST 5330

    Silhouette MAGIC WINGS NYLOR 4308

    Silhouette NUANCE 4356

    Silhouette NUANCE 4357

    Silhouette NUANCE 4358

    Silhouette POWERLIGHT NYLOR 5251

    Silhouette POWERLIGHT NYLOR 5252

    Silhouette RIVIERA 5306

    Silhouette RIVIERA 5307

    Silhouette RIVIERA 5308

    Silhouette RIVIERA 5309

    Silhouette ROCHADE 5282

    Silhouette ROCHADE 5283

    Silhouette ROCHADE 5284

    Silhouette ROCHADE 5285

    Silhouette SPARKLING ICON 6756

    Silhouette SPARKLING ICON 6757

    Silhouette SPARKLING ICON 6758

    Silhouette SPX ART 6747

    Silhouette SPX ART 6748

    Silhouette SPX ART 6749

    Silhouette SPX ART 6750

    Silhouette SPX ART 6751

    Silhouette SPX ART 6752

    Silhouette SPX ART 7684

    Silhouette SPX ART 7685

    Silhouette SPX ART 7687

    Silhouette SPX ART 7688

    Silhouette SPX ART 7689

    Silhouette SPX ART 7736

    Silhouette SPX ART 7737

    Silhouette SPX ART KIDS 4240

    Silhouette SPX ART KIDS 4241

    Silhouette SPX ART KIDS 4242

    Silhouette SPX ART KIDS 7767

    Silhouette SPX ART KIDS 7768

    Silhouette SPX ART KIDS 7781

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 4390

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 4391

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 4392

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 4393

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 4394

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 4395

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 4396

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 5346

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 5347

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 5348

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 5349

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 5350

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 5351

    Silhouette SPX ART PLUS 5352

    Silhouette SPX CONNECTION 4296

    Silhouette SPX CONNECTION 4297

    Silhouette SPX CONNECTION 4298

    Silhouette SPX CONNECTION 4338

    Silhouette SPX CONNECTION 5229

    Silhouette SPX CONNECTION 5230

    Silhouette SPX CONNECTION 5256

    Silhouette SPX ILLUSION FULLRIM 1560

    Silhouette SPX ILLUSION FULLRIM 2888

    Silhouette SPX ILLUSION FULLRIM 2889

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 4377

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 4378

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 4379

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 4380

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 4381

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 4382

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 4405

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 5318

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 5319

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 5320

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 5321

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 5322

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 5376

    Silhouette SPX SIGNIA 5377

    Silhouette STARWAYS 4231

    Silhouette STARWAYS 4232

    Silhouette STARWAYS 4233

    Silhouette THE MUST COLLECTION 7799

    Silhouette TITAN CONTOUR 4472

    Silhouette TITAN CONTOUR 5411

    Silhouette TITAN CONTOUR 5413

    Silhouette TITAN CONTOUR 5414

    Silhouette TITAN CONTOUR 5415

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 4273

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 4274

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 4275

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 4276

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 5211

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 5212

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 5213

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 5214

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 6776

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 6777

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 6778

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 6779

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 6780

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 6781

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 7705

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 7714

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 7715

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 7716

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 7717

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS 7718

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS FULLRIM 2877

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS FULLRIM 2878

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS FULLRIM 2880

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS NYLOR 4269

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS NYLOR 4270

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS NYLOR 5280

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS NYLOR 5281

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS NYLOR 7788

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS NYLOR 7789

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS NYLOR 7790

    Silhouette TITAN DYNAMICS NYLOR 7791

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 4234

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 4235

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 4236

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 4237

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 4238

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 4239

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 4362

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 4363

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 4364

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 5311

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 5312

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 5313

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 7753

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 7754

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 7755

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 7756

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 7757

    Silhouette TITAN ELEMENTS 7758

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 4365

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 4366

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 4367

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 4368

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 4369

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 4370

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 5257

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 5258

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 5259

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 5260

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 5261

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY 5262

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY NYLOR 4372

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY NYLOR 5314

    Silhouette TITAN HARMONY NYLOR 5315

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 4261

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 4262

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 4263

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 4264

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 4265

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 4266

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 7773

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 7774

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 7775

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 7776

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 7777

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS 7778




    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS II 4407

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS II 4408

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS II 4409

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS II 4410

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS II 5380

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS II 5381

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS II 5382

    Silhouette TITAN IMPRESSIONS II 5383

    Silhouette TITAN NOTION FULLRIM 4318

    Silhouette TITAN NOTION FULLRIM 5264

    Silhouette TITAN NOTION FULLRIM 5287

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 4309

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 4310

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 4311

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 4312

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 4313

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 4314

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 5239

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 5240

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 5241

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 5242

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 5253

    Silhouette TITAN RAYS 5254

    Silhouette TITAN SCULPTURE 5202

    Silhouette TITAN SCULPTURE 5203

    Silhouette TITAN SCULPTURE 5204

    Silhouette TITAN SCULPTURE 5205

    Silhouette TITAN SCULPTURE 5206

    Silhouette TITAN SCULPTURE 7780

    Silhouette TITAN SCULPTURE NYLOR 4336

    Silhouette TITAN SCULPTURE NYLOR 5276

    Silhouette TITAN SCULPTURE NYLOR 5277

    Silhouette TITAN SUPREME 5232

    Silhouette TITAN SUPREME 5233

    Silhouette TITAN SUPREME 5234

    Silhouette TITAN SUPREME 5235

    Silhouette TMA ICON 4340

    Silhouette TMA ICON 4341

    Silhouette TMA ICON 4422 - The Anniversary Edition

    Silhouette TMA ICON 4425 - The Anniversary Edition

    Silhouette TMA ICON 5299

    Silhouette TMA ICON 5300

    Silhouette TMA ICON 5397 - The Anniversary Edition

    Silhouette TMA ICON 6636

    Silhouette TMA ICON 7577

    Silhouette TMA ICON 7578

    Silhouette TMA ICON 7580

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 6668

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 6669

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 6670

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 6671

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 6682

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 6683

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 7610

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 7611

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 7612

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 7624

    Silhouette TMA THE MUST COLLECTION 7625

    Silhouette TNG 4299

    Silhouette TNG 4300

    Silhouette TNG 4301

    Silhouette TNG 4302

    Silhouette TNG 4303

    Silhouette TNG 4304

    Silhouette TNG 5221

    Silhouette TNG 5222

    Silhouette TNG 5223

    Silhouette TNG 5224

    Silhouette TNG 5225

    Silhouette TNG 5226

    Silhouette TNG NYLOR 4337

    Silhouette TNG NYLOR 5278

    Silhouette TNG NYLOR 5279

    Silhouette Urban Lite Fullrim 1558

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 4216

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 4217

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 4223

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 4224

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 6691

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 6692

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 6693

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 6694

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 6695

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 6696

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 7636

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 7637

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 7638

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 7639

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 7640

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 7641

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 7751

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT 7752

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT NYLOR 4267

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT NYLOR 4268

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT NYLOR 7784

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT NYLOR 7785

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT NYLOR 7786

    Silhouette ZENLIGHT NYLOR 7787

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Silhouette Glasses


    Lens Deals

    • Premium lenses start from £29

    Silhouette Glasses

    Silhouette glasses are perfectly crafted with a touch of elegance for your everyday look. The array of designs has sleek looks for both men and women. If you’re looking for a pair of simple sunnies to keep you looking fabulous in your day to day life, you’ll find a pair in this collection.

    Silhouette Eyewear

    Rimless Silhouette glasses are stylish and simple, made from lightweight materials that are comfortable no matter where you wear them. Oval and rectangle frame shapes are understated and always in style, plus colours like Blue, Black, Brown and Grey makes them a cinch to match with your outfits. From work to play, Silhouette eyewear provide protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, so you can kiss goodbye squinting and say hello to uncompromised vision even on the sunniest days. The no muss, no fuss attitude of these sunglasses make them ideal if you want simple sophistication and trustworthy performance from your shades.

    Silhouette Glasses UK

    Order a pair from SmartBuyGlasses today and enjoy the original case and packaging, including warranty certificates and a lens cloth to remove fingerprint marks and dust. We have the entire collection of Silhouette Glasses UK with free shipping and a great warranty. Find a lightweight rimless pair of glasses with clear lenses and feel the difference in your vision. Shop for a pair today, or browse other sleek collections such as Silhouette 7395 glasses.

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