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What to Look for When Buying Swim Goggles

If you’re a keen snorkeller, an avid swimmer who wants to carry their prescription over to your underwater pursuits, or if you just want to see what’s going on when you go swimming, this guide is a great starting point.


How Do I Choose the Right Pair of Goggles?


The first step in buying a good pair of swimming goggles is evaluating what you’re going to need them for. For example, the type of goggles you’d wear to swim in the sea on holiday are going to be very different to the kind you’d wear if you were a competitive swimmer. Think about when you’re going to be wearing them and how large your head is - that’s the most important criteria to determine first. If you’re already interested in swimming goggles, check out our range from brands like Progear here.


How do I know if a pair of swimming goggles fits me properly?


Try on a few pairs to see what fits you best. The key areas are around the eye socket and across the nose; some goggles have adjustable nose bridges that you can change to fit you more securely, whereas others are made from more malleable materials that adapt to the shape of your face.


Hold the goggles to your eyes without the strap. If you experience a brief level of suction, they will provide a good fit. With well-fitting swim goggles, you will feel a little bit of suction and a comfortable, even level of pressure around your eye.


How to Clean Swimming Goggles


It’s fairly likely that you’ll be wearing swimming goggles in fairly harsh or corrosive environments (chlorinated pools, the sea, etc.). As a result, it’s important to clean your goggles to ensure they last longer and don’t sustain any unnecessary damage. A gentle wash in lukewarm water (without using soap or detergent) will suffice in order to rinse and clean your goggles. It’s also a great idea to let them dry after use and keep them in a clean, dry environment - otherwise, they may even end up growing mouldy.


Prescription Swim Goggles


Prescription swimming goggles come with specially manufactured lenses which are available in a variety of strengths. The lenses vary depending on what is known as the dioptre scale - just the same as your prescription for normal, out-of-water glasses.


If you wear contact lenses, prescription swimming goggles can be incredibly helpful. Swimming with contacts in (without goggles) can irritate or even damage your eyes - in order to nullify that risk, you can take out your contact lenses and protect your eyes by wearing swimming goggles. Prescription goggles will let you see much more clearly underwater without running the risk of eye damage. 


Some swimming goggles also cater to eye conditions like astigmatism, so if you feel you might need some, there are a range of options available.


Swimming Goggles With Specialised Lenses


Just like with sunglasses, swimming goggles come with a variety of different lens types. Here are some key swimming goggle lenses to look out for when buying swimming goggles.


  • Polarised lenses offer great glare protection when out of the water. If you’re an outdoor swimmer or just by the sea on a sunny day, these will be really beneficial - for seeing what’s happening on the water and for your eyesight in the long term. If you want to read more about polarised lenses and how they work, click here.

  • Mirrored lenses reduce brightness and glare - reflecting bright light away instead of filtering it. These are the best swim goggles for competitions and outdoors as they block out distracting bright light.

  • Clear lenses are the basics. They let in a lot of light, making them perfect for low-light swimming or if you want to see clearly underwater.

  • Blue lenses are also very common. These reduce glare in bright conditions - they’re a safe bet for both indoor and outdoor swimming, which is why a lot of kids swimming goggles come with blue lenses.

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