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Oakley Lens Technology

The History of Oakley dates back to 1975 when the company was founded by Jim Jannard. After 40 years, Oakley became one of the leading brands for sport performance products worldwide, not only for its cutting edge style but also because it is always at the forefront of innovative lens technology. The Oakley lens technology is part of every pair of Oakley sunglasses and is developed to meet the performance demands of all levels of ability from beginners to world-class athletes. This has always been central to Oakley Lenses as a key competitive factor. 


Sport Specific Prizm™ lenses


Oakley Prizm is a patented revolutionary lens technology featured in Oakley sunglasses that enhances colour and contrast to improve the wearers’ vision. With these lenses, colour perception is more vivid and vibrant while the contrast is increased to highlight the surrounding environment. As a result, details that are normally missed by the naked eye are apparent with tuned vision and higher contrast.


Moreover, Oakley Prizm lens technology can not only help to improve details and performance but also adapts to specific environments including mountains, roads, trails, fields and even underwater. Oakley Prizm lenses are also designed for daily use but due to their ability to enable users to see details of their surroundings very clearly, they perform highly when used for many sports.


  • Shallow Water: Greens, coppers and whites are enhanced to see better below the surface of the water and to spot the shadows of fish easily.. The Oakley Prizm lenses are also polarized to filter out the glare of the water.
  • Oakley Prizm Snow Goggles: This Prizm lens increases cyans and reds to contrast with white in bright, reflective snow conditions. There are multiple lens options for different types of weather such as ‘bright sun’, ‘sun & clouds’ or ‘snow & overcast’.
  • Oakley Prizm Golf: Greens and browns are strengthened to track the white ball against blue skies and green grass and to help predict the speed and direction of the ball.
  • Field: Whites and blues are intensified; greens and browns are saturated to better spot the ball against the sky, grass and dirt.
  • Road: Whites, yellows, greens and reds are magnified to provide vivid surrounding colour and more visible lane lines. This helps wearers to distinguish subtle changes in road textures and to avoid potential hazards such as rocks and potholes.
  • Trail: Browns and reds are enhanced while greens are maintained in order to spot road surface transitions and textures as well as obstacles in different lighting conditions.
  • Daily: All colours are enhanced to create a balance for daily use with vibrant colours and richer detail. There are 2 types of Oakley Prizm daily lenses: grey-base lenses which give a more natural colour and bronze-base lenses which give a warmer colour.

With its cutting edge technology and performance, Oakley Prizm lenses have become one of athletes most worn items during sporting events worldwide as well as a popular accessory for everyday use. Check out one of the most popular frames- The Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm.


High Definition Optics (HDO)


All pairs of Oakley sunglasses utilize High Definition Optics (HDO) which is a patented technology that surpasses all tests of the American National Standards Institute. 


  • Clarity: With the HDO Oakley lenses, the wearers can experience a clearer, sharper and more accurate vision when wearing Oakley sunglasses, even from a greater viewing distance, thanks to its precision technology and materials. 
  • UV Protection: With HDO technology, sunglass lenses produced by Oakley can filter out 100% of all UV rays (UVA, UVB & UVC) as well as harmful blue light, protecting wearers’ eyes from being exposed to very high UV levels. 
  • Refraction: While conventional lenses use magnification which can create visual distortion, HDO lenses eliminate this distortion and provide a more accurate vision, enabling the wearer to see objects exactly how they are. Therefore, Oakley’s HDO lenses meet the demands of world-class sport professionals who require the highest level of optical precision to perform at their best.


HD Polarized


Oakley polarized lenses filter out the glare from the surface of the water to ensure a better overall viewing experience and, thus, enhance performance for relevant sports. Whether wearers are playing golf, fishing, skiing or driving, blinding rays of light are no longer a performance killing distraction with Oakley polarized sunglasses.


With its precise infusion moulding process, Oakley produces one comprehensive and single-layered lens. All Oakley Polarized lenses are produced with no glue-bonded material layer that can distort wearers’ vision and subsequently reduce clarity.


Furthermore, every single pair of Oakley sunglasses have both lenses manufactured at the same time. Consequently, they have a precise alignment of the axis of polarization. This results in high glare protection and clarity and reduces the risk of eye strain and headaches caused by glares sneaking through any part of the Oakley lens. 


Oakley True Digital Edge


Oakley has reinvented prescription glasses with its latest innovative Oakley lens technology. The Oakley True Digital Edge provides the best prescription range from +4.00 to -6.00, keeps lens thickness to a minimum and is designed to reduce distraction of visual distortion while still providing a minimum 120-degree vision of uninterrupted binocular view.


  • Lens thickness reduction: In contrast to the usual heavy and thick prescription lenses, Oakley True Digital Edge reduced lens are 40% thinner in every pair of Oakley prescription sunglasses so that the lenses are lighter and more comfortable. This is done thanks to Oakley’s ThinZone Technology which is applied to reduce the thickness of the centre of the lens for plus indexed lenses, as well as to sculpt a thinner lens profile in a minus indexed lens.
  • Dynamic frost technology: The peripheral distortion is stronger for wrap-around sports prescription sunglasses. Dynamic frost technology helps to minimize peripheral distortion in Oakley prescription sunglasses by frosting peripheral areas to prevent wearers from using the distorted sections. As a result, wearers can enjoy a much better experience with Oakley sunglasses. The amount of “frost” ranges from 4mm to 11mm depending on the frame, prescription and pupillary distance.

 With its cutting-edge lens technology, Oakley is committed to always delivering the best in precision, dedication and creativity. Unmatched performance and outstanding quality are the brand’s criteria to develop their products as well as technologies to serve not only elite athletes but also progressive lifestyle customers.


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