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Prescription Sunglasses with Color-Matching Lenses

Interested in buying sunglasses with prescription lenses?


Worried that your sunglasses lenses may not offer the same UV protection or appear to be a different colour?

Well, we have some good news! A simple process called colour matching can ease all your worries.  

In addition to polarization and colour tint lenses, you can also choose to have colour matching applied to your sunglasses lenses. By choosing this option, our opticians will try to the best of their abilities to match your prescription lenses to the same colour as the original sunglasses lenses. 


Do colour matching lenses come with 100% UV protection?

Colour matching lenses is a great option if you want your prescription lens sunglasses to provide 100% UV protection as well as excellent optics – while still looking just like your favorite pair of shades. 

At SmartBuyGlasses we offer colour matching on all our prescription sunglasses - check them out here!

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