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Folding Reading Glasses - No More Bulky Specs Cases

Folding reading glasses can fit snugly in your pocket. Learn more about them and check out some of our recommendations for the best pairs.
Folding Reading Glasses- No More Bulky Specs Cases

Folding reading glasses merge the convenience of folding glasses and the benefits of reading glasses. Let’s take a deeper look into how they make our lives easier.

Folding glasses are designed to fold in half at the nose bridge for convenient storing. If you have small bags or are looking to keep your glasses in your car, then foldable glasses are a great option. Foldable glasses also make for a great pair of backups.

No one wants to drag around two pairs of glasses in case something happens to their original pair. However, with a pair of foldable glasses, being extra cautious is no longer an inconvenience. You can be sure that you are always prepared without dealing with your second pair taking up extra space.

Reading glasses can help the wearer to see or read objects in close range such as small text, mobile phones, and computer screens. As one approaches the age of 40, they may develop symptoms of presbyopia. This is when the crystalline lenses in your eyes become less flexible and hence, make you struggle to focus on text up close.

Now, you’ll be able to read small texts and see small objects without having to squint or feel self-conscious in social contexts. Folding reading glasses are especially convenient to have around. Often, those who wear reading glasses don’t wear them all the time.

Typically, cheap reading glasses are used for reading small print or text on the computer. Whether you wear traditional reading glasses or computer reading glasses, you could benefit from having a conveniently transportable pair. After all, you never know when you might need them.

Who needs folding reading glasses?

Those who don’t need to wear reading glasses for an extended period of time. Say you’re traveling and are reading maps, restaurant menus, or tour guides, but struggle to just read the small text.

Folding reading glasses come to the rescue as they’re sleek enough to slide into your pocket, backpack, or purse. Just use them when you need them and put them back.

Those who feel self-conscious wearing glasses. If you are one of those people who need glasses only to see particular things-such as text up close, or distant objects, but don’t like to wear contact lenses, and will go at any lengths to avoid wearing them, folding reading glasses are for you.

So, just take out your folding reading glasses from your pocket or clutch, elegantly slide them on your face, use them for the few minutes that they’re needed, and hide them again as if nothing happened.

Presbyopic patients with busy lifestyles. If you have presbyopic symptoms, you most likely need reading glasses in certain situations. Now, if you lead a busy lifestyle where you are caught unaware in need of reading glasses and you’re not carrying around a bulky case at that moment, we’ve got you.

With folding reading glasses, you can conveniently always have your mini reading glasses at your disposal in your pocket or clutch. They’re lightweight, barely take up space and save you from the hassle of having to depend on your friend’s pair of glasses or asking someone to read things out to you.

With foldable reading glasses, you don’t have to carry around a bulky case just for reading a menu at a restaurant or reading a text from your phone screen. You want to be able to pop your glasses on and off without having the carry-around hassle.

That’s where folding reading glasses come in. They are easily considered the best reading glasses by some simply for their practicality. After all, the whole point of over-the-counter reading glasses is that they’re a convenient alternative to prescription glasses.

What strength reading glasses do you need?

Since presbyopia is of a progressive nature, we suggest starting out with low powered reading glasses for patients in their 40s and high powered lenses for those in their 60’s. Glasses with +1.00 power are considered to be of low strength and have relatively lesser magnification, whilst those with +3.50 are considered to be high power lenses.

If you’ll be using reading glasses primarily while using the computer, we advise choosing a lower reading glass power. A lower reading glass power is used when the viewing distance is longer.

In contrast, if you’ll be using reading glasses to see objects that are very close or very small, you’ll need stronger strength lenses with higher magnification than what the age-based reading glasses power chart would recommend.

Generally speaking, if there are two reading glasses between which you can’t choose, it’s better to select the ones with lower power because more often than not, reading glasses that are too strong may cause more discomfort than the weaker powered ones.


Reading glasses aren’t the only type available with foldable frames, you can also get folding sunglasses and other prescription models.

Prescription folding reading glasses

While it might be convenient to purchase over-the-counter reading glasses, there are some advantages to getting a prescription for your reading glasses. The main reason for this being that your eyes might need different corrections, which can only be done with a prescription from your eye doctor. 

Best folding reading glasses

When it comes to ordering prescription reading glasses online, the process is rather simple. With SmartBuyGlasses you can shop from over 180 designer brands and match your frames to your personal prescription. For cheap reading glasses, SmartBuy Readers offers a wide range of quality frames for under £30.

If top-notch quality and timeless sleekness are what you’re after, check out folding reading glasses by Porsche Design. Crafted with stainless steel and high tech polyamide, these reading glasses are tough on durability and light in weight.

If you like the idea of convenient foldable reading glasses, you’ll love foldable sunglasses! Like reading glasses, most people don’t wear their sunglasses all day and they spend the majority of the time taking up space in your car or bag.

However, just like reading glasses, there are endless benefits of wearing sunglasses and when you need them, you need them. That’s why foldable sunglasses are just as great as folding reading glasses! Read more about Persol lens technology here.

Men’s folding reading glasses

With SmartBuyGlasses you can also search our prescription folding reading glasses by Persol, a leading designer brand. When you order the Persol PO9714VM folding reading glasses all you have to do is add your reading glasses’ prescription at check out. It’s really as simple as that!

And now you have your prescription folding reading glasses ready to be delivered directly to your door.What’s more, these are the ultimate mini folding reading glasses that are so sleek that they’ll fit in your pocket!

Another remarkable pair to opt for would be the CliC Vunetic Tenore Black. These glasses are magnetically joined at the bridge of the nose and framed with 20% acetate polymers and 80% TR90, a material that makes this pair capable of flexing and twisting without breaking.

These folding reading glasses are made in Italy and when worn, give a touch of glamor that distinguishes the wearer from others.

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of folding reading glasses, what are you waiting for? Check out our collection of cheap reading glasses. You may also be interested in learning about single vision lenses for your next pair of readers.

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