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Where to Buy Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are around all over the internet, but there’s no better place to buy them than SmartBuyGlasses. Through our glasses ranges from brands like zFORT® and partnerships with big blue light blocking glasses advocates like Tom Ford, we can proudly say that we’re the place to buy blue light filter glasses.

After all, let's face it; technology is here to stay. And, while we can try to limit our usage, ultimately we’re rather reliant on such devices (to say the least). So, to help minimise the negative side effects of blue light these lenses like zFORT® are available for sale at SmartBuyGlasses.


What Are the Benefits of zFORT® Lenses?

The key benefits of zFORT® glasses are as follows: 


  • They eliminate glare; this helps to increase the amount of (non-blue) light into your eyes, as well as making you look better; it’s a well-known fact that you look more appealing when your eyes are more visible - such as when wearing zFORT®-enabled glasses.

  • Blue light blocking lenses can help to prevent blue light entering your eyes. When studies from institutions like the University of Houston and Harvard Medical School say that blue light causes eye strain, glasses that block it can be a huge help to your long term eye health prospects.

  • The same studies from Harvard and Houston also state that blue light can have a negative effect on your sleep. If you buy blue light glasses, there’s a great chance that your sleep cycle will improve as a result!

  • Studies also show that blue light blocking glasses can reduce headaches - whether that’s through the actual technology present or the fact that wearing them will probably lead you to think more about how much you use your devices, you’re more than likely to benefit as a result!


Where to Buy Blue Light Glasses

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