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What Do Blue Light Lenses Look Like?

Blue light lenses tend to come in 2 different ‘colors’: clear and yellow-tinted. They both offer different methods of blocking harmful high-energy blue light, and they’re both on sale at SmartBuyGlasses!

Some blue light glasses have clear, unassuming frames. On the surface, these don’t look different to any other normal specs, but they pack a punch, with inconspicuous yet functional technology like those found in zFORT®. While at first glance these glasses don’t look particularly assuming, at certain angles you can make out a bluish-purple reflection - say, if you’re standing near a light source. This is one of the hallmarks of well-made blue light filter glasses, and a great way to find out ‘what do blue light lenses look like’.


Clear Blue Light Block Glasses

At SmartBuyGlasses, we stock hundreds of models of the best blue light blocking glasses out there. Here are our favorites with clear lenses:



While some brands opt for clear blue light lenses, others like Gunnar pursue a different approach: yellow tinted frames. These counteract the effects of blue light by tinting their user’s entire field of view yellow. This naturally accounts for sources of blue light (like screens), and renders them in softer tones. This is similar to the way that ski goggles tint their wearer’s field of view orange to make up for the bright blue and white tones of the pistes.


Gunnar Blue Light Block Glasses

Our favorite yellow-tinted glasses from Gunnar are listed below:

These Gunnar Infinite glasses are a really well-made model blue light blocking glasses, custom engineered for gaming and computer use. Coupons on