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What Causes Ocular Migraines?


Ocular migraines are caused by reduced blood flow or spasms of blood vessels either in the retina or behind the eye. In an ocular migraine, vision in the affected eye generally returns to normal within an hour. Ocular migraines can be painless or they can occur along with (or following) a migraine headache.


The symptoms of retinal migraine may include:


  • - Partial or total loss of vision in 1 eye – this usually lasts 10 to 20 minutes before vision gradually returns 

  • - Headache – this may happen before, during or after the vision attack 

It's unusual for an episode of vision loss to last longer than an hour. The same eye is affected every time in almost all cases.

Vision may slowly become blurred or dimmed, or there may be flashes of light. Some people see a mosaic-like pattern of blank spots (scotomas), which enlarge to cause total loss of vision.

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