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What are iridium and prizm lenses?




The advancement of technology has led to many new discoveries which have revolutionised the eyewear industry. Today we will introduce iridium and prizm lenses, both patent technologies created by Oakley, which are two game changing innovations added to the world of sports sunglasses. To give a general summary before diving into the detailed explanation, these lenses can basically allow users to adjust their visions based on the light conditions and protect users from an array of harmful light rays found in outdoor conditions. These functions work together to provide users with clarity unparalleled from before, giving them a much more authentic and clear athletic experience. While these lenses are mostly catered to sports fans, they can also be used by anyone who covets extreme clarity on a day-to-day basis.

Iridium Lenses

Iridium lenses contain a special oxide coating which allows the user to tailor the lens to different environmental conditions. Three aspects can be manipulated about these lenses: the amounts of reflection, absorption and light that reach your eyes. Iridium lenses adjust to the lighting of your whereabouts, protecting your eyes from different levels of light rays. This function also results in the creation of a different hue to what normal sunglasses lenses produce.

Prizm Lenses

Used by Oakley to increase visibility in different colour perception and certain weather conditions, many Prizm lenses are actually also iridium in nature and basically change accordingly to give you the best protection for your eyes. How prizm lenses work is to provide control over light transmission to maximize contrast and enhance the visibility of the view in front of you as well as lessen the transmission of some colors while leaving other alone or amplifying them. As a result of this, these lenses allow you to see the good light by picking up important details and contrasts whether you are biking or snowboarding. They also block out bad light which reduces contrast and produces a flat light effect. These lenses basically allow you to see exactly what colours in details you want, just like photo-shopping a picture – but in real time!

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