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Question 3


Uncomfortable glasses are a nightmare and the symptoms can severely impact your everyday life. Headache, eye strain or pain on your nose and ears will altogether take away the comfort of seeing clearly. 


The reasons for these symptoms are either incorrect lens power, which usually results in headaches, or an eyeglass frame size that doesn’t fit you properly, which results in them pressing or weighing down behind your ear.


Firstly, you can take the glasses to your optician that can help adjust them to your facial features. If you suspect that your prescription is incorrect you can use our Lens scanner to check your glasses. Remember that a new prescription also may take a while to get used to. 


If the symptoms remain you might want to consider coatings for your prescription glasses. Such as anti-reflectivecoating or a pair of blue blocking lenses that can be useful if you are experiencing ongoing headaches and work for long hours at a computer.


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