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Does your baby need to wear sunglasses?


Wearing sunglasses is very good for a baby as it will shield your baby’s eyes from harmful UV rays. It will protect the baby’s eyes from developing problems later on like cataracts and macular degeneration for example.


Babies get 3x more exposure to the sun than an average adult thanks to outdoor playtime and their eyes are far more sensitive as they’re still developing and can’t process UV rays as effectively as adults can. Hence, UV protection is an absolute must for their little eyes. Putting sunglasses on your kids and instilling healthy outdoor habits like wearing sunscreen and cleaning up after playing can help protect them from common infections as well as eye conditions that may develop later on in life. 


However, a baby will throw away whatever you place on their faces, so a pair of sunglasses is no exception. Unless your baby is super cooperative, the sunglasses will end up on the ground. A good alternative is a large hat that covers your baby’s face and shoulders from the sun. If your little one wears glasses and you want to enhance their outdoor vision, consider getting Transitions Lenses or getting their sunglasses fit with their prescription. Read our guide on choosing glasses for your child here.


If you’re still planning on buying your baby sunglasses, we suggest that you choose a pair that’s very durable, since the throwing around might break them quickly. Also, make sure to buy a pair with high UV protection, at least 99% is recommended. Lastly, a string or elastic head strap is recommended to keep the pair on your baby’s face. At SmartBuyGlasses, we make outdoor playing fun and safe with our vast selection of baby sunglasses.


Look for baby sunglasses with strap like these polarized baby sunglasses. The best baby sunglasses in the UK can be found at SmartBuyGlasses with a variety of options- from ray ban baby sunglasses to baby girl sunglasses and many more.

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