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Do you need prescription sports glasses?


If you’re a sports fanatic and you also wear a pair of prescription glasses, you should know that this can be very difficult to pair.


It might be a good idea to swap your normal pair of eyeglasses for a dedicated pair of sports glasses if you’re going on the road for sports, let’s say cycling. Cycling glasses are more adapted to your face shape, so there is less or even minimal obstruction from wind or dust in your eyes compared to your normal pair of glasses. 


These can be clear glasses, but there’s also sports sunglasses.


If you like wearing contact lenses, it’s probably a good idea to pair contacts with normal sports sunglasses. This combination however, can be difficult to keep up sometimes. 


In that case, there is another alternative: prescription sports sunglasses. These are sports sunglasses with your prescription built in! Discover our wide range of sports sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses.co.uk.

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