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Are Progressive Lenses Better Than Bifocals?

As you age, your eyes can become tired and your vision can appear blurry more easily. This condition is called presbyopia, and characterized by the muscles in your eyes beginning to age and wear out. The result is that it’s harder to focus on both near and far things. In this article we’ll explain why progressive lenses are a better choice than bifocal lenses to treat presbyopia.


What Are Bifocals?

Widely known as Benjamin Franklin’s glasses, (he invented them), bifocals have made a big impact on the eyewear industry. Bifocal glasses have two separate optical powers, or in more simple terms, have lenses with two areas: one larger area to view objects further away, and one smaller area at the bottom to see nearby objects, for example reading a book. There are noticeable lines that separate the two optical powers and the part of the lens designed to view nearby objects is particularly visible. This area is like a built in magnifying glass and thicker than the rest of the lens.  


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bifocals

Advantages of bifocals:

• You don’t need a separate pair of reading glasses anymore

• They are typically less expensive than progressive lenses


Disadvantages of bifocals: 

• The visible separation between the two viewing areas can look unfashionable or be annoying to wear

• They are an outdated version of multifocal glasses


What are Progressive Lenses? 

Progressive glasses, also called ‘no-line bifocals’, are glasses that correct multiple vision requirements in just one lens. Therefore, one pair of glasses can be used for correcting your distance, intermediate, and near sighted visual impairments. If you’re wearing progressive glasses, you’ll notice the progression from the top to bottom of the lens; the top part corrects your vision so you can see further away things clearly and the bottom part is mostly for reading and seeing things up close. The part in between is a smooth transition and takes care of intermediate vision.

Bifocal vs. Progressive Glasses

• Progressive lenses are the modern multifocal glasses gaining popularity over bifocals worldwide. Bifocals correct the same problems, but use an older technology to do so. 

• Progressive lenses have a seamless, invisible design, where the prescription progressively changes throughout the lens. Bifocals have a visible and harsh line.

• Progressive glasses have multiple powers built into the lens, so you can see far away at the top of the lens and gradually see closer when you look more down. In comparison, bifocals only have two powers.

• Progressive glasses look better, have a smoother transition and are overall more practical in daily usage than bifocals.


Key Benefits Of Progressive Lenses

Even though progressive lenses can be a little more expensive than bifocals, the price is worth-while, because they have more benefits than bifocals, as listed above. They look better, are more practical, provide more optical powers and are easier to use. If you’re not convinced yet, you can read more about progressive lenses in our Optical Center.


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