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How to Relieve Tired Eyes 


While heavy eyes could be a sign of overall body fatigue, the term “tired eyes” is usually another way of referring to eye strain. Eye strain occurs when the muscles in your eyes are overused and become tired. While tired eyes do not cause any eye health damage, they can make everyday tasks more difficult to complete. Tired eyes might also be caused by outside conditions such as headaches or computer vision syndrome. Read on for more information surrounding eye fatigue symptoms, causes, and remedies. 

Eyes Feel Heavy

Symptoms of tired eyes could include trouble focusing, irritated eyes, sensitivity to light, watery eyesdry eyes, and a sore neck, shoulders, or back. One characteristic of eye strain might be the sensation that your eyes feel heavy. This can be a result of focusing your eyes for long periods of time, without properly resting them. 

Tired eyes occur when the eye muscles have not had the opportunity to rest after intense or long periods of use. Some activities that might give you tired eyes could include driving, reading, and excessive screen time. These activities all require you to visually focus on a task for an extended period of time, resulting in eye fatigue. While tired eyes are usually a result of eye muscle overuse, in some rare cases, heavy eyes could also be a sign of an underlying eye health problem. 

Remedies for Tired Eyes

Solving eye fatigue is usually a matter of changing your daily habits. That is why there are plenty of at-home remedies for tired eyes that you can try. One way to get rid of tired eyes is to work on a task under proper lighting. Poorly lit areas could result in tired eyes as the eye muscles have to work harder to see. Another way to avoid tired eyes is to take longer, more frequent breaks from visual focusing activities. This will allow your heavy eyes a chance to rest and recuperate. 

Other ways to treat eye fatigue could include limiting your screen time and choosing the right eyewear for you. Wearing glasses for drivingreading, and using the computer is a great way to prevent tired eyes. 

Glasses for Tired Eyes

Driving Glasses: Do you get sleepy eyes when you drive? Focusing on the road for an extended period of time is likely to cause sleepy eyes. Driving sunglasses are designed to adjust to light, so your eyes don’t have to work as hard to see clearly. Giving your eye muscles a break with driving glasses could prevent sleepy eyes while focusing on the road. 


Blue Light Glasses: Blue light glasses are one way to avoid digital eye strain or tired eyes. Our eyes are not designed to properly filter out blue light rays emitted by our LED screens, which is why a pair of computer glasses are beneficial. zFORT®  is a transparent lens that uses blue light blocking technology to help prevent tired eyes as well as other vision and eye health problems. At SmartBuyGlasses you can add zFORT®  blue-blocking technology to any frames at checkout! 


Reading Glasses: As you age, you may begin to have trouble focusing on objects up close. This is especially true when looking at small text, making it difficult to read. Reading glasses are a great way to correct this slight vision problem and prevent tired eyes. 

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