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Does My Child Really Need Glasses?

Eyesight has a major impact on every aspect of a child’s life. Undetected vision problems may result in a lack of focus and affect your child’s performance at school as well as at home. Therefore, recognizing the signs that your child may have a vision problem in order to understand if your child needs glasses is extremely important. Here are 8 signs that could indicate that your child may be experiencing vision problems and may need glasses:

#1: Squinting

Top of the list, squinting is one of the most common signs that your toddler needs glasses. Children tend to wrinkle their faces and eyes in order to see more clearly and focus on an object. By squinting, your child may be able to momentarily improve their vision by slightly changing the shape of their eyes. Similar to looking through a pinhole, squinting helps to improve vision by allowing only a very narrow beam of light to enter the eye. This reduces the size of the blurred images on the back of the retina and increases the clarity of an object. If your child is squinting, it could be a sign that they can’t see very well.

#2: Tilting their head or covering one eye

Your child may unconsciously tilt their head when their eyes are out of alignment. Perfect alignment of the eyes is necessary to see clearly and for the eyes to work together effectively. When eyes are misaligned, people compensate by tilting their head to one side to make them vertically realign with the images they are seeing. Therefore, a head tilt might be an indication that your child’s eyes are misaligned or that your child has a double vision which can be minimized by tilting their head. 

#3: Sitting too close to the television or holding hand-held devices too close to their eyes

Nearsightedness in children is often discovered by catching them sitting abnormally close to the television or holding hand-held devices too close to their eyes. The closer distance between their eyes and a screen can make the images larger, helping nearsighted children to see better. When this happens, you are advised to take your child for an eye examination as soon as possible as uncorrected vision can become worse if it goes untreated. 

#4: Covering one eye to read or watch television

By covering one eye to read or watch television, your child is trying to stop the eye with weaker vision from interfering with their vision. This can be a sign that your child needs glasses as it helps them to self-correct vision problems such as double vision, which can be caused by strabismus or cataracts. 

#5: Losing their place while reading

If you notice your child having a hard time keeping their place while reading, it can signal a potential vision problem such as astigmatism.

#6: Rubbing eyes excessively

Excessive eye rubbing is another sign of eye fatigue and it can be a sign of many types of vision problems and conditions including allergic conjunctivitis which can cause itchy eyes.

#7: Frequent headaches, eye pain or chronic neck pain

When having uncorrected farsighted vision problems, children have to squint a lot. This can result in chronic headaches in the frontal region near their brows. This is a result of the child overexerting their eyes in order to clear their blurry vision.

Apart from frequent headaches and eye pain, continuous head tilting can also result in chronic neck pain as your child’s neck muscles are being overused.

#8: Excessive tearing

Uncorrected vision problems can result in a great deal of strain on the eye muscles. This can cause your child’s eyes to water excessively. If you notice excessive tearing, your child will probably need glasses.


If you spot one of the signs above, your kid is probably having some eye problems and it is recommended that you book an appointment with an optician as soon as possible. Uncorrected vision problems can result in many other serious problems and can become worse if they go untreated. 

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