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Grey lens color Sunglasses

It's not just that Valentino eyewear is stylish. It's not just that Valentino sunglasses are amazingly pretty to look at. While that is a design feat in and of itself, it's one that many brands can accomplish. Valentino is not unique in that way.

What makes Valentino sunglasses truly unique is the way that prettiness is blended with such utter strength. There is a force to this eyewear which it would do no good to challenge. These Valentino sunglasses are in possession of such charm, such charisma, and such beauty, that a full package not readily available elsewhere is compiled. Welcome to Valentino eyewear.

Valentino sunglasses 2013

Here's some lovely 2013 Valentino. Try the 600 on for size. In black rose, with grey lenses, it's and oversized hug, with curious undertones. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what went into designing these, but whatever it was seems to have worked a treat.

The Valentino 1189 in ruthenium dark brown is a unisex way to cut through the crowd. The single lens look always has a lot to be said for it in terms of power, and this is no surely no exception. Whether it's pushing through a flock of people, or cutting through stacks of boring paperwork at the cafe, the 1189 has the focus in it to see you through.

Valentino sunglasses Australia

Now we come to the beautiful Valentino 5663. In violet shaded turquoise, it is a perpetual energy loop, exchanging sore and tired vibes for fresh and enthusiastic ones. All you need to do is look in the mirror – or a shop window! – to be recharged. It's ingenious.

In tobacco shaded brown, with brown shaded lenses, it's a golden marvel. A golden mirror on the wall, to see who's fair and who appalls. The golden apple falls, and goes to the most deserving – or the most beautiful. If this is your style, it's a question of pride, and doing what you can to get ahead of the competition. Valentino would be cut-throat, if not for its elegance. As it stands, with elegance factored in, a better word is ruthless.

For the authority on ruthless, check out these Swarovski sunnies. It has been said that they could part the Red Sea (albeit said by us, because we're so sure). We're not sure if they could cut the moon in half or not, but there is almost definitely something supernatural to them. Such clean and well considered designs simply do not show themselves every day.