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    Dior sunglasses are part of the illustrious luxury French fashion house Dior. The house of Dior was founded in 1946 by the Normandy-born Christian Dior. Today, the brand is still a powerhouse in the world of clothing; Dior launched their eyewear collection in the mid-'90s and has brought a refreshingly modern variety of styles recognised for their elegance and statement-making ability. 


    Who owns Dior glasses?

    Luxury eyewear manufacturer, Thélios designs, produces and distributes eyeglasses and frames for Dior. They are also entrusted with the same responsibilities by other iconic names such as Celine, Fendi and Stella McCartney. As an official reseller of Dior sunglasses, you will find beautiful frame shapes at SmartBuyGlasses, from eye-catching cat-eye to classic square frames.


    Are Dior glasses worth it?

    Dior sunglasses are a luxurious accessory worth investing in. They offer new, modern styles that can take any outfit to new heights. Featuring premium lenses, unique collections of fashion-forward designs and adjustable arms for personalised comfort, these sunglasses provide superior quality with a designer label. 


    Not only will your new Dior sunglasses keep your eyes safe from the sun's harmful UV rays, but wearing them tells the world you value sophisticated style and excellence. So if you're looking for a way to elevate your look and make a statement, consider Dior sunglasses - they'll be worth every penny!


    Even though the brand was initially recognised and gained its fame for products directed towards the women of the world, they have experienced paralleled success with their men's ranges. As desirable as their women's sunglasses are their bold collection of men's sunglasses.


    How can I tell if my Dior sunglasses are real? 

    When investing in a pair of Dior sunglasses, it's essential to know how to determine that you are getting the real deal. The first thing to look for when evaluating a pair of Dior shades is the logo. Next, consider the packaging. Genuine products will come with hard cases and cleaning cloths with authentic logos. The frames should also be examined carefully, as they should be sturdy and well-made.


    A great way to ensure your Dior sunglasses are authentic is by buying from a trusted seller like SmartBuyGlasses. Genuine Dior eyewear should last you for many years, so ensure you get only the highest quality product!