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Grey lens color PROGEAR Sunglasses

Progear Sunglasses are top quality and top performing eyewear models designed specifically for sports. The most common activities that require Progear eyewear are ball sports like tennis and football. This is because the frames are highly resistant to impact. The sunglasses are also recommended for running or cycling, as they offer total protection and long-lasting comfort. In addition, the frames are designed to suit all head shapes and sizes thanks to their adjustable straps. 


The first perk of Progear sunglasses is the headband. As these sunglasses are specifically designed for sports, you need them to stay on your head. However, they are no good if they grip too tightly and lead to headaches. Fortunately, Progear has the perfect solution. Their velcro adjustable headband will fit any sized head perfectly, and be as comfortable as possible without falling off. The neoprene material can be removed and washed, and some even come with a special pocket for earphone wires.


Next are the all important nose pads. The rubber pieces are soft enough to ensure all-day comfort, and won’t cause skin irritation as a result of their hypo-allergenic coating. You can usually adjust the nose pads easily to fit the frames perfectly on your face, and the pad material is grippy enough to prevent slippage, even during the most intense workouts. The anti-slip end-tips likewise contribute to a secure fit.


What makes Progear sports sunglasses stand out from other brands is the temple pad feature. This will greatly reduce the effects of impact, thereby keeping the risk of injury to a bare minimum. 


Progear have also innovated the arms to be as effective as possible. The polycarbonate frame is so lightweight you will forget you are wearing them - in a good way! The material is also both flexible and durable, which will ensure the sunglasses last you for years to come, no matter how much physical activity you engage in. In addition, there are hardly any moving parts within the frame, which makes them safe to wear, particularly for racket sports. The only metal part that you don’t want to lose is the tiny spring hinge. This makes the arms more flexible and less likely to break, and makes for a comfortable fit on even the largest of heads. Because the spring hinge pulls the arms inwards once placed over the ears, the frames will remain solidly in place, without imposing too much pressure behind the ears.


What makes Progear so flawless? They test the equipment on professional athletes and depend upon optical professionals at the top of their game to develop the best products possible. Buy your pair with a best price guarantee here.