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Green lens color POC Sunglasses

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    Green lens color POC Sunglasses

    In the range of sporting sunglasses، POC has been a name of choice for many years. They offer a range of helmets, sports clothing, and performance sunglasses. POC’s eyewear is perfect for skiing, hiking, and cycling. It even has activity-specific designs and tailored lenses - perfect for superior sports performance. Its Bio-grilamid frame is what makes the glasses super-light. Its scratch resistance also elongates its life, even if used for rough wear. 


    Who are POC sunglasses perfect for?


    POC sunglasses are perfect for sportspersons who need lenses and frames suited to their activities. However, these sunglasses are not just for extreme sports. Even those who want to depict a sporty look on sunny days can go for the lifestyle range of POC sunglasses. Its performance and polarised ranges are best for sporting activities. POC also offers spare lenses for damaged glasses.


    Does POC sunglasses only offer sports models?


    No, POC sunglasses do not only offer sports models. POC sunglasses have three ranges: performance, polarized, and lifestyle. The performance range is suited for sports while the lifestyle range is suited for everyday wear. The polarized glasses are perfect for those who have to stay out in the sun for a long time or have to drive. 


    So, you can even buy POC sunglasses if you have an active lifestyle or want to show the sporty side of your personality when you go out. 


    Can I buy prescription lenses for my sunglasses?


    When you buy POC sunglasses online from SmartBuy, you can get prescription lenses. However, before you finalize a spare of POC glasses, make sure that you are checking the prescription range available. If your prescription number falls within the range, you can get customized glasses for outdoor wear and sporting activities without compromising on your vision and clarity.

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