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Grey lens color Jaguar Sunglasses

Jaguar sunglasses are made by Menrad Germany. Jaguar frames are known for their sturdy construction and their dual-action spring hinges. All frames are designed with fine galvanic finishing. Most of the luxury eyewear that is included in the final collection has lightweight stainless steel construction and the highest quality acetates. Their design and usage of the finest quality material show the brand's commitment to quality. 

What are the characteristics of Jaguar sunglasses?


Jaguar sunglasses have very distinct characteristics: their craftsmanship is of the highest quality, and their frames are designed with precision engineering. Their frames and daily eyewear are most comfortable as you wear your prescription glasses all day long. Moreover, you can expect your Jaguar sunglasses and prescription glasses to be sturdy, stylish, and a perfect fit for all occasions. 


What materials are Jaguar sunglasses most often made of?


Most of the Jaguar sunglasses are made from Monel. This material is a blend of copper and nickel base. The main reason for using Monel for eyewear frames is the fact that this material is elegant, classy, and also luxurious. Monel brings high quality and durability to Jaguar sunglasses. Apart from Monel, Jaguar sunglasses also use materials like high-quality metal or plastic to add a touch of contemporary design and looks. Plastic frames are sturdy, as well as comfortable, so they are great for the daily wear prescription glasses. 


Is it worth buying special prescription lenses for them?


Yes, if you have a unique eye condition, it’s best to get special prescription lenses. Never compromise on your eyes, especially when we are talking about vision. Another reason to get special prescription glasses with your sunglasses is the fact that you will be able to style your accessories better, and you will be able to up your fashion game without much effort. A complex prescription should always have a comfortable experience and custom design, such as premium progressive lenses.