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Green lens color IZIPIZI Sunglasses

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Green lens color IZIPIZI Sunglasses

IZIPIZI is a Canadian sunglasses company that aims to create glasses that are both affordable and kind to the planet. Their aim is also to develop glasses that are safe for the eyes. IZIPIZI has not been in the market for long, but it has certainly made its mark on people with a sense of style who are looking for affordable eyewear. 

Green lens color IZIPIZI Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

IZIPIZI sunglasses are dedicated to the planet. Therefore, they have a vision to use responsible materials for 100% of their glasses by 2025. Right now, most parts of the frames are made of responsible material but do not compromise on comfort. IZIPIZI sunglasses also look quite modern, appealing to an audience that appreciates and loves to wear stylish ensembles. 

Yes, IZIPIZI sunglasses have frames for kids as well as adults. However, on SmartBuy, you might only find a limited range. You can browse through the IZIPIZI range on their website if you wish to purchase these planet-friendly and affordable sunglasses for kids, 

IZIPIZI is a brand that wants to make everyone smile. With this commitment, IZIPIZI has developed glasses that come in many styles and colours. Some glasses have a tie-and-die look that is perfect for those who wish to give off a fun vibe. These sunglasses are also perfect for casual outings and beach days. You can also select prescription numbers and tints for your IZIPIZI sunglasses when you buy from SmartBuy online.