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Grey lens color Fendi Sunglasses

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Grey lens color Fendi Sunglasses

Fendi sunglasses was founded in 1925 and has since emerged as a top player within the fashion industry. They are most notably known for their fur and leather goods, shoes, fragrances, timepieces, and eyewear. The Italian luxury fashion house is based in Rome and their products are as playful as you might expect, boasting adventurous and daring styles that keep admirers on their toes at all times. 


The stand-out logo that they have tied to their brand so expertly, features two F’s facing each other. One is in the standard position while the other is flipped upside down and usually on display with black and yellow/gold colours to contrast and make it pop. This logo that you will see expertly crafted onto Fendi sunglasses was invented by Karl Lagerfield in 1965, the then creative and design director for both Fendi and peers of the high-end designer brand world, Chanel. 


In the modern-day, the business is still in the hands of the Fendi family. From the original founders, Adele Fendi and her partner Edoardo, some responsibilities were passed to the Fendi family’s five sisters in 1946, before being passed to one of the sister's daughters, and now creative director, Silvia Venturini Fendi.


Does Fendi make good sunglasses?

Fendi, while still retaining its eminence in the fur and leather goods sector, is now credited for its beautifully made accessories and eyewear. You can opt for prescription glasses, as well as the ever-impressive sunglasses with prescription. Fendi shades are acknowledged as a high-end option for anyone looking to make a statement with designer sunglasses and leave a lasting impression in the mind of those around you. Women all over the world love them and invest in them as an addition to their accessory drawer for this reason exactly. 


But it is not only brand recognition that makes this company stand out. It is also their high standards for craftsmanship, ensuring that the products they put out for the public are worth the cost. They come with either metal, plastic, or acetate frames so there is a match for every kind of person looking to buy a pair. Metal frames tend to be the more lightweight choice, and are often thinner and offer a more slight frame design, possible thanks to their durability. Plastic and acetate frames are usually more affordable and can give you a full array of colour options that metal cannot. 


While Fendi sunglasses have historically been created for an elegant and refined woman, with a distinctly feminine orientation, they now also offer fantastic options for men. You will find typical and trusted men's style frames such as pilot, and square, but also discover impactful styles such as Fendi cat-eye sunglasses


Who makes Fendi sunglasses?

Fendi sunglasses have aligned themselves with some giants within the fashion industry, which gives you some indication of their presence in that environment. They were previously manufactured by the eyewear company Safilo Group, based in Italy, which is also responsible for producing eyewear products for the likes of Hugo Boss and Dior. In 2013 they signed a deal lasting 9 years allowing Safilo to manufacture Fendi’s distinctive look. They have also collaborated with the chic Korean sunglasses brand Gentle Monster, breaking outside of the European fashion bubble and spreading their wings on an international level.


Now, the company entrusted with the design, development, production and distribution of Fendi sunglasses is Thélios, arguably the largest eyewear specialist worldwide. They share the ambition of moulding Fendi into an even greater force in the fashion eyewear industry and maintaining the following they have already garnered in their nearly 100-year run to this point. 


The influence of the design innovation of the two aforementioned powerhouses is evident in the variety of trendsetting styles you can find Fendi sunglasses in. Enjoy frame shapes from stand-outs like cat-eye and oversized, to classic frames such as round and rectangle


How to tell if Fendi sunglasses are real?

As we all know, many designer brands are often imitated but never replicated. Fakes on the market never even come close to matching the quality and attention to detail of the real thing. Due to this, you want to ensure that the Fendi sunglasses you receive are the real deal, but how can you tell? At SmartBuyGlasses we only sell official designer brands, however, we understand that some people like to take the quality control process into their own hands. That’s why we want to outline the key things to look out for when assessing your new sunglasses for authenticity.


First of all, before you even take your Fendi sunglasses out of the box, you want to check out the packaging. Real Fendi shades will come in a branded box with the logo and font matching the one commonly used by the company. Keep an eye on the spacing and alignment of the text as this can be a telltale sign that they are frauds. You will also see a certificate of authenticity in the form of a card, proudly displaying a Fendi hologram on the back of it. The last thing to take note of regarding the packaging is if it contains a cleaning cloth with a matching Fendi logo. If not, you guessed it, they’re imitations. 


Once you have confirmed the legitimacy of the packaging, and you have them out of the box, there are a couple more things you can investigate to put your mind at ease. Have a peek at the inside parts of the sunglasses, meaning the inside of the frame and temple arms. Authentic Fendi sunglasses should have “Made in Italy” and “FENDI” printed on them, as well as CE letters on the right temple arm. The last suggestion is the more fiddly one. You should look at the metal pieces within the nose pads of your sunglasses and check that there is an engraved Fendi logo visible. 

The only thing left to do is find your perfect pair and be the model you always knew you were by taking part in an at-home catwalk starring yourself! Use our virtual try-on tool to see Fendi sunglasses on your face ahead of buying!