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Dior Sunglasses

Dior sunglasses are part of the illustrious luxury French fashion house, Christian Dior. The house of Dior was founded in 1946 by the Normandy born Christian Dior. Despite this, the brand celebrates 1947 as its first year, when the soon to be world-renowned fashion brand received financial backing from an affluent businessman named Marcel Boussac. Long before the incorporation of accessories such as sunglasses into the business, Dior’s focus was on clothing. After Christian Dior’s first collection of dresses, referred to as ‘The New Look’ was released, the brand rapidly grew into the go-to designer label sought after by the biggest Hollywood stars of the era. Dior would be seen worn by the likes of Elizebeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. 


Dior’s toughest time was arguable during the period with which the saddening death of the brand’s founder occurred. In 1957, the general director of the designer label debated the possibility of shutting down their whole operations, on a worldwide level. The saving grace of the brand was a man to be very much respected in his own right thanks to the label he later established and found great success with, Yves Saint-Laurent. Having joined the label in 1955, recruited by the late great Christian himself, Laurent was promoted to artistic director with the expectation to revive the firm to its former glory. 


Since that time, Dior has worked alongside 5 different creative directors, all excellent in their own right, and with their own styles. Each of them adding a dash of paint to the masterpiece that we see before us today. Still very much a powerhouse in the world of clothing, Dior launched their eyewear collection in the mid-’90s and since then have brought a refreshingly modern variety of styles that are recognised for their elegance and statement-making ability. They demonstrate such an exemplary approach to their design and production process which is evident in the unique, clever designs of Dior shades that each stands as their own stunning piece of art. 


Does Dior make good sunglasses?

To understand the quality of Dior sunglasses, you only need to take note of the people they work with and the companies they choose to surround themselves with. The company itself is chaired by Bernard Arnault, who is also the head of the worlds largest luxury group, LVMH. Thélios, which is a subsidiary of LVMH that was launched in 2017 to be their face of the eyewear industry, designs, produces, and distributes eyeglasses and frames for Dior. They are also entrusted with the same responsibilities by other iconic names such as Celine, Stella McCartney, and Loewe.


Amongst the reasons that Dior sunglasses are considered a top option is the variety that they bring to the table. As an official reseller of CD sunglasses, you will find beautiful frame shapes on our website from eye-catching cat-eye frames to classic square frames. Even though the brand was originally recognised and gained its fame for products directed towards the women of the world, they have experienced paralleled success with their men’s ranges. As desirable as their women’s sunglasses are their bold collection of men’s sunglasses.


Do Dior sunglasses have UV protection?

Vintage Dior sunglasses may not have had the technology available to them that the modern-day designs do, but even if you are going for the vintage look, you need to consider UV protection when buying any sunglasses nowadays. Thanks to expert research and development in the eyewear industry, it is now more understood than ever what harm UV rays can do to your eyes and the best practices to protect your eyes against this irreversible and potentially life-changing damage. Dior sunglasses are available with different levels of UV light protection so make sure you understand the categories before making a decision.


When shopping for your new Dior shades, you need to see which UV category they fall into, as this is what indicates the level of protection your sunglasses will give your eyes against the sun. The categories range from 0-4, and you need to know the difference. UV category 0 means that the lenses let in 80-100% of UV light and therefore offer minimum protection to your eyes. Category 0 lenses are fine for fashion purposes, but for protection, you should look elsewhere. Category 1 lenses let in 43-80% of UV light and while they offer more protection than category 0, they are still only suitable for minimal sun exposure and are better off as a fashion accessory. Category 2 lenses only allow 18-43% of UV light in and give you suitable protection on days where the sun is poking through the clouds and partially brightening up the day. Category 3 lenses let in a much smaller amount of 8-18% and are ideal for protection against strong sunlight. They are one of the most popular choices for UV protection. Lastly, category 4 lenses let in 3-8% of light and are for extremely sunny conditions as they are the darkest lenses available.


Are Dior sunglasses polarised?

While not all Dior sunglasses are polarised, you can make the most of the lens options when buying with us at SmartBuyGlasses. When you choose prescription sunglasses, you can maximise the customisability we offer by choosing a lens that gives you all of the protection and extra features that you are looking for. You can choose anti-glare lenses like our silver, gold, and diamond lenses, which offer minimisation of reflection of light and help you to see clearly. As well as anti-reflective, you can choose scratch-resistant coatings which firstly protect against unwanted marks appearing on your lens, and secondly, provide a protective layer for any other lens treatments you have opted for. Have your Dior sunglasses your way. Coupons on