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Oakley Prescription Glasses

Oakley glasses are famous for producing comfortable, quality eyewear that cleverly manages to combine the appeal of style and the functionality of enduring what you throw at them. The company, founded by James Jannard, was born in his garage in 1975. From humble beginnings and an initial investment of only $300, Jannard was able to get the ball rolling by selling ‘The Oakley Grip’ in car parks of motocross events. He quickly gained a reputation for the grips unlike any of the available options at the time. The material used on his first product is still used in the production of Oakley Glasses today. Understanding the innovative power the brand possessed in such early stages of its journey, perhaps it should come as no surprise to learn that Oakley currently holds in excess of 600 patents. The patents are for eyewear, materials, and performance gear. This gives them a massive edge and helps them to stand out amongst a crowd of other top brands who cannot put Oakley’s patents into use when manufacturing their items. 


The iconic ‘O’ logo that is found on the temple arms or straps of their eyewear first appeared in their original pair of goggles in 1980. Fast forward a few years and they had begun selling ski goggles, another staple of their brand that has helped them to gain such a level of notoriety. Oakley has even been a sponsor of the US Olympic team, displaying their eyewear on what many people consider to be the world’s biggest stage. Not only are some of their sports models worn by some of the best athletes in the world, but they are also recognised outside of the sports world for their equally impressive prescription glasses range. 


Oakley reading glasses are known for the same appealing qualities as their sporty counterparts. Oakley glasses are produced using only the finest quality materials like titanium, which is incredibly resistant. This stays true to their roots as it gives you the confidence to wear your Oakley glasses with complete freedom, knowing they are built to last and certainly stand up to the test.


At SmartBuyGlasses we sell some of the most popular collections of Oakley glasses. You can find the Crosslink collection which is designed to demonstrate seamless crossover ability, meaning you can slide in and out of business and pleasure without thinking about the need to change your glasses even once. They offer a modern, smart look and crucially possess the comfortable fit that has come to be expected of their eyewear. Another collection you will find on our online store is the Hyperlink collection which focuses more on providing wearers with all-day comfort. It features a classic look of squared frames with added features for comfort such as non-slip ear socks and adjustable temples. That’s not all we have, so you can search all of the Oakley glasses collections that we stock and find the perfect match for you.


Where to buy Oakley prescription glasses?

At SmartBuyGlasses! Not only do we have a fantastic range of Oakley prescription glasses, but you can also benefit from all the added extras we offer to make the customer experience with us that much better. First of all, we work with the world’s pioneering producers of eyewear to bring you authentic products you will love. Secondly, we strive to make the buying process as smooth as possible, and this is reflected in our online tools that facilitate the procedure.


The smooth process is facilitated by our filters that allow you to shop specifically for what you want. Filter by frame shape, material, collections, and even lens type. Perhaps you are a person that knows exactly what colour you want. It could be your stand out feature that all your close ones know you by. What a hassle to scroll through endless models when only concentrating on a handful of them that is the correct colour. Shop by colour to see only the models that spark joy within you!


Are Oakley lenses glass or plastic?

Our collection of Oakley prescription glasses have lenses that are made from either CR39 or high-index plastic. Purchasing your Oakley glasses from us, you will have 8 different lens options at your fingertips. From our expertly made in-house brand to the fantastic Arise HD collection, you can customise your lenses to be precisely what you expected. Plastic lenses have a tonne of benefits too that make them the number one choice for so many people. They are lighter than their glass counterparts and carry far less risk of damage to you should an accident occur in which the lenses smash or shatter. 


Oakley glasses also incorporate their ‘Three Point Fit’ technology which means that the glasses actually only make contact with the bridge of the nose and sides of the face. This helps to eradicate pressure points that are commonly seen with other pairs of glasses. It makes for more comfort and combined with the low weight of the lenses you can choose from, you will find it hard to achieve a more comfortable fit. 


How much do Oakley prescription glasses cost?

The Oakley prescription glasses you will find on our website come at a range of costs. We try to make sure that we offer enough of a selection so that anybody that comes to our site searching for their next pair of Oakley glasses can find something within their spending bracket. Our clearance is also a great chance for shoppers to make their money go even further and grab a bargain with a pair that they may have only been able to dream of in the past.

There are few things worse in a shopping experience than kicking back, smug with the deal you found yourself, only to see the same product for a lower price! Rid yourself of the pain of this scenario by shopping with us and being covered by the best price guarantee. We will match any price you find online and return the difference to your account to make things right. If you still aren't pleased after all that, and you and your new Oakley glasses that arrive at your house are just not meant to be, return them any time within 100 days. Have a read through our returns policy for the details and you can have your money refunded or exchange them for the pair that you are truly destined for. Coupons on