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Mykita Prescription Glasses

Compared to the giants in the eyewear industry, MYKITA may be new, but the experience and craftsmanship they offer are second to none. Mykita started its operations in 2003 in Berlin, and from then till now, they have become a trusted name when it comes to eyewear and optic fashion. Mykita is what you call the perfect blend of handcrafted brilliance perfected with modern technology. Their frames have refined and distinctive aesthetics that are unmatched by any in the industry. 

Mykita Prescription Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Mykita glasses are perfect for everyone, especially people who are aware of fashion, making statements and people who are well aware of what luxury looks like. Mykita glasses are durable and highly reliable; they are designed to elevate your daily look, giving your face the definition it needs. You will feel a serious uplift in your mood every time you wear your frame in the morning; such is the power of a well-designed eyewear frame. 

Add-ons and special coatings for lenses are essential for the health and protection of your eye. So, you should be highly aware of the add-ons you need and never slack when it comes to choosing the perfect add-on for your glasses. With add-ons, you can turn your normal pair of glasses into photochromic sunglasses, or choosing an anti-reflection coating can help you get an extra layer of protection. For more add-ons, you can choose UV protection and blue-light filters. 

Different face shapes accommodate different styles of glasses. You should be aware of your face shape, especially if you are buying your prescription eyeglasses online. For example, a round face shape needs a little bit of definition to look fresh and uplifted; for that purpose, it's best to get geometric or square-shaped glasses. A cat eye is one of the few styles that will suit almost all face shapes.